Friday, November 23, 2012


I was so extremely tired last night that I didn't post anything.  But wanted to let you know how my Thanksgiving went.  It was a beautiful day -- very sunny and warm.  It felt more like spring than autumn.
Jenny decided that laying in the sun on Mommy's side of the bed was the thing to do.  I couldn't get her to move for anything.

The two hour ride to my sister's house turned into three.  There were two accidents along the way that stopped traffic.  Between the two of them we spent about 45 minutes just sitting on the road.  There were a lot of downed trees, broken branches stacked along the side of the road, tarps over damaged roofs, etc.  You could tell that Hurricane Sandy had had a devastating effect on these people's lives.  It looked like a war zone.

We called my sister, Elaine, from the car and told her to start dinner without us because we didn't know how late we were going to be.  So she did.  We weren't that late because they were all still eating when I got there.  We were very happy to see her welcoming front door when we arrived.  It was a harrowing drive up there.

There were nine of us there.  My brother Larry came with his wife Kim and Kim's mom, Marilyn.  My sister's friend Frank was there and our friends Marion and Rich.  Everyone except Frank had driven up from the Philly area.  We had a great dinner of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, corn, and cranberry sauce.

Larry, Frank, Rich


Joe and Marilyn

Marilyn, Elaine, Larry

Joe, Marilyn, Elaine
Frank and Cody
 Elaine's decorations are always so pretty.

It is Rich's birthday on Saturday.  So along with the pumpkin and pecan pies we had birthday cake.

Frank and Rich

"I want the big candle," says Rich.

Joe, Marilyn, Kim and Larry
We all sang "Happy Birthday" to Rich.

Larry, Frank, and Marion watch Rich blow out the candle.
Cody likes to be in the kitchen when people are cleaning up.  He's always hoping he'll get lucky and something will fall on the floor.

 Everyone had their cameras and were taking pictures after dinner.

Me and my beautiful sister.

And a really good picture of Joe and I.

Fortunately the drive home was uneventful.  We made it with no problems in two hours and got home around 9 p.m.  But that drive takes a lot out of me.  I have been out of it all day.  I'm so glad I didn't have to go to work today.  Thank you, Bob, for trading with me.  He is working for me today and I have his day on Saturday.

Now on to the Christmas season.  I am taking down my Thanksgiving decorations today and starting to put up Christmas.  The way time moves it will be here before we know it.  


  1. Looks like you had great family fun.
    What a beautiful cake!

    Yes, Christmas will be here soon!

  2. The picture of you and Joe came out grate.

  3. Oh,the life of Jenny! The picture of you & Elaine & of you & Joe are super! I agree,Elaine has a knack for decorating.
    My 3 dogs are on the same page as Cody.Any butterfingers here today? (Hope,hope!)With our small kitchen it's a bit crowded.
    Time to start the merry merry!

  4. Glad your Thanksgiving went well. Hope you have now recovered from the drive. I love the pic of you and Joe. It is a really good one!

    Can't wait to see your Christmas decor!!!


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