Thursday, November 22, 2012


Some of you were having trouble seeing the pictures on my last post, so I reposted them.  I had used pictures off of my cell phone and just used the view item instead of downloading them.  It worked for me and for the computer at work too, but I guess not all computers are equal, so try again.

It was busier at work than I thought it would be the day before a holiday.  Looking back at last year's post I saw that it was really quiet and thought it would be that way today too.  But a lot of people were in getting their videos for the weekend.  I swear people take out more videos than books.  I think sometimes we aren't as much Richmond Library as Richmond Video Store.  But to each their own.  At least they are using the library.

My friend Donna and I went to lunch today.  We took a chance  going to Chick-Fil-A.  I wasn't sure if we could make it there and back and get served in less than an hour, but we did.  I guess because my lunch is 1 p.m. a lot of people had already eaten.  It was good and we had a nice time talking.

I bought one of their calendars too while I was there.  It is too cute for words.  Every month has a cow from history on it like "Moorie Antloinette" and "Napoloin Bovinepart".  So funny.  And it comes with a gift card so that each month you can get a free item like a diet Coke or a cheeseburger.  Great!
We had a nice surprise today when the mayor decided to close city offices at 3 p.m.  We got two hours off and got paid for it too.  Whoo hoo!

I came home with all good intentions of getting things done, but ended up taking a nap instead.  I am so very tired all the time.  I am glad I am seeing my hematologist/oncologist next week.  Last time I felt this bad my iron count was way down.  I will have my blood tested and see if that is the problem.  I almost don't want to go to my sister's house tomorrow.  I just want to sleep.

When I did get up and get going I made a sugar-free pumpkin pie so diabetic Joe can indulge in dessert along with everyone else.  I had some extra filling so put it in a custard cup and baked it up for him to taste-test it.  He said it was good.  Last year I didn't know that you measure Splenda differently than regular sugar when baking.  I ended up with a pie so sweet no one could eat it.  This year was much better.  I had a pie carrier left over from Pie and Praise on Sunday so I just slipped the pie right in there to transport it tomorrow.

Then I made the green bean casserole.  It is all done except for the onions on top which I will put on before I reheat it tomorrow at my sister's house.

So now I am sipping on a cup of tea and then it is bedtime for me.  It's already after midnight.  I can't believe it.  Morning will come all too quickly.

Here is my Thanksgiving Cherished Teddy.  It says it all.
 Family and friends are always there
To share blessings of love and care.
So at this special time of year,
We bear thanks for those so dear.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Great looking pie.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Kathy!

    That's so nice you got a few extra hours off from work yesterday.

    I hope you feel better today and have more energy.

    The food looks and sound delicious!

  3. Such a nice post! Happy Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Always delicious things at your house!
    I am very thankful for all the Lord has provided this year.I have been very blessed.
    Kathy,thank you for your friend-
    ship & support.You are the best!


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