Friday, November 30, 2012


First off is a question I keep forgetting to ask.  Does anyone besides me see the Christmas countdown ticker at the top of my blog?  I can see it at home, but at work it doesn't show up.  Just curious if I should try to reinstall it.

Work was steady, but not overwhelming today.  I had time to breathe between customers.  Everyone was friendly and it was rather nice.  Fridays at the Fishtown Branch are calm compared to the rest of the week.

Tonight Joe wanted to take me out to dinner, so we went to the Country Club.
Joe got grouper and I got fried chicken.  Yum.  They make the best fried chicken.  I love it, but can't make it for anything.  Theirs is honey dipped.  So good.

We just came home and I thought I would post this Friday view while it is still Friday.  Time has a way of getting away from me.

Two weeks ago we had to go downtown for a doctor's appointment for Joe.  To get to the office we had to drive through Chinatown.  I love Chinatown.  I guess a lot of cities have one.  What makes ours different, though, is we have a Chinese Gate called the Friendship GateThis is the most popular and famous attraction in Chinatown. It is a multi-colored arch with fire-breathing dragons and Oriental lettering.  It was a joint project between Philadelphia and her Chinese sister city Tianjin. Chinese artisans completed the Friendship Gate in 1984 with materials brought from Tianjin. I got Joe to take a picture of it through the front window.  His hands were shaking, so it's a little blurry, but you can still see how beautiful it is.  You can click on the picture to make it bigger.

This was taken with my phone, so the color is not all that good.  It is vibrant and beautiful.  Hopefully when the weather gets warmer we will get down there and I will get a better picture of it and also pictures of the Chinese garden in the next block.

Here is another picture I got of it from Google.  The color is better here.

Gotta run for now.  I am going to do a few things and then get myself in bed at a decent hour.  Goodnight, folks.  


  1. I can see the ticker!!!
    Glad you had a fairly good day at work and it sounds like you had a very yummy dinner this evening. I love the China Town pic. I've never been to a China Town but have always wanted to go! Looks like such an interesting place.

    Get a good nights sleep friend!

  2. Who fascinating to have such an interesting landmark your town.Almost like a mini vacation.

    (I can see your cute ticker)


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