Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I feel as if this is the doctor week.  Yesterday  I had the blood test at my primary doctor and today I went to see my oncologist for my six month check up.  When the phlebotomist went to draw my blood today she looked at my elbow where the tech took the blood yesterday and asked me what happened.  She said whoever took the blood didn't know what they were doing and blew out my vein.  Here's what yesterday's stick looks like:

And here's the stick from today.  She had to use my hand because my arm was messed up.

You can barely see it.  What a difference between someone who does this all day every day and someone who does it now and then.  I will say that today's hurt a lot more than yesterday's though.

The doctor told me that all my levels were good.  They were just where they were supposed to be.  He examined me and said everything was great.  The only thing was my blood pressure was very low and my sodium was low.  I told him that I was trying to lose weight and told him how I was eating.  He said I was doing good and to not be discouraged because it takes awhile for the weight loss to kick in.  I figured up that I am eating about 1200 calories a day which is about where I should be.  But he told me to get something salty to eat because I was so light headed and to drink a little more water than I have been.  Otherwise he'll see me in six months.

I made a run to Rite Aid before I went home to pick up a few things.  I needed canned tomatoes for dinner tonight.  I also got a bag of popcorn and some iced tea.  When I was walking down the aisle I stopped and looked at the jewelry.  I saw these pretty beaded necklaces selling four for $5.  I loved them and they were the last set there so I got them.  With my discount card it came to $3.50.  When I got home I read the label and it said there was one blue, one pink, one yellow and one gold necklace.  BUT I got two blue and no pink.  I guess that's why it was so cheap.  The thing is I would probably never wear the pink one, but I wear blue all the time so I am glad it came the way it did.  I can wear them separately or together.  And they look great together.  Sorry I didn't get a picture.  I'll try to get one for tomorrow.

Speaking of necklaces, let me show you what I was wearing today.  I got this gold leaf when I was in Charleston, South Carolina in 1987.  There was a street market that I walked through and this lady was selling all kinds of leaf necklaces.  I liked this one and although money was tight, I splurged.  After all, when would I ever get one again?  I still love it and it is still one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

I tried another new dish for dinner tonight.  I made zucchini spaghetti.  Well, that's not new.  I've done that before.  I have a spiral cutter where I put the zucchini in it and turn it around like a pencil sharpener.  It comes out in long ribbons and looks like spaghetti.  I boiled that while I browned some ground beef and added a can of diced tomatoes.  Then I took the zucchini and added that to the mixture.  I stirred everything up and plated it and added shredded mozzarella to the plate.  It was so good.  I'm enjoying making different things.

I have a day off tomorrow until Bible Study in the evening so I hope I can get some things done around the house.  Wash especially.  The pile of dirty clothes gets higher all the time.

I'm going to go so I can get some sleep.  Hope you all have a good evening.



  1. Glad to hear your results were good. I really like the leaf necklace. It's different & I can see why you got it. Dinner looks sooo good! I may keep the recipe in mind,even though I don't have a 'cutting' machine.
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. You don't need a special spiral cutter. You can use a vegetable peeler or take a knife and cut thin spaghetti like strips. You could even make the same thing cutting the zucchini into cubes.

  2. Kathy, I totally agree about the people who draw blood ...the more experience the better. :) Love your leaf necklace. Hope things are going well today. It's going to be a steamy one here. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. We are in a dangerous heat wave. The news warned us to stay inside. Going up to 105*.

      Yes, I think the more you do something the better you are at it. I kept telling the tech on Monday that I needed to put pressure on it longer to stop the bleeding but she told me I was OK and I could leave.


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