Saturday, July 23, 2016


I say it's a lazy Saturday because I actually did not leave the house today.  I did do some things but not as much as I expected to.  I did take a nap though.  I sat down for a minute and the next thing I knew it was an hour later.  Ah well, I must have needed it.

I had my Almond Coco Loco yogurt for lunch.  It was even better than I remembered.  I could eat it every day for the rest of my life.  That's how much I love it.

Cleaning up I found the doll that Joe bought me awhile back.  She's a Holly Hobbie type doll.  Isn't she sweet?  Now I have to find somewhere to put her.

It is still very hot here.  This afternoon we got a high of 97*F (36*C) but felt like 109*F (43*C).  Too too hot!  My air conditioner has not stopped running in days.

This was on facebook yesterday:

I certainly appreciate him.  Thanks, Willis Carrier! 

I had a load of wash drying on the line outside this afternoon when I suddenly heard a crash of thunder and all these raindrops hitting the windows.  Oh no!  I ran outside and started taking them down.  But the bag I had to put the clean clothes in was full of water.  *sigh*  So not only did the dry clothes get wet, but so did I.  Then it started to hail and I was getting hit with little hailstones.  Ouch!  Joe took them from me and hung them up down the cellar.  The best laid plans...

For dinner tonight I had left over chicken breasts with cheese and ham wrapped around them, wax beans from the farm last week and noodles.  Everything was good.  Snowy begged and begged and so got a lot of the chicken.  It made her little cat heart happy.

Before I go I want to tell you about something I thought I'd try to start.  I'm calling it PICTURE FROM THE PAST.  When I can find one, I will post a photo from this day (or close to it) from the past.  So here is the first one.

This is Philly's Chinatown.  Obviously I was driving and I can see I was at a red light.  But I don't remember where I was going or why.  Hmm....  It was taken July 22, 2013 -- three years ago.  I'm going to have to go back in my blog and see what was going on.

So now I am going to print out the bulletins for church tomorrow and try to do a few things before I go to bed.  Have a great night everyone!



  1. You should check out Willis Carrier's Wikipedia page ( It's interesting. Especially his involvement with Samsung in 1930.

  2. Naps are my favorite! I take a lot of them!
    Love that flashback pic. One day I will visit Philly and YOU!!!!

  3. Snowy says 'thank you'! So cute! We got no hail here...weird considering we're not that far from each other. I agree about the naps. I think this heat makes one feel 'drained' Stay cool!

  4. Kathy, That lovely lounging spot in the first it. I am tired of hearing our AC run..I am ready for the days when we can just open a window or two. MY day out yesterday sure drained my energy . Today I am doing nothing. :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. I remember that picture of China Town. I have never seen a China Town so it was interesting to me. Our A/C has run constantly too! They said that the heat warning would be over by 8 PM tonight. But......I looked at the temps for this week and they are 90's and 80's. Still too hot for me. Stay cool!

  6. Hot Hot Hot!!!
    And then hail. You have had some crazy weather.
    Looking forward to the past... pictures that is.


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