Thursday, May 12, 2016



 This is what my week has been like.  Every day from Tuesday until next Thursday is full from start to finish.  I am so tired all the time.  I thought retirement was supposed to be relaxing!

On Tuesday I taught my Bible Study as usual.  And picked up three people as usual.  I was happy that Angie was well enough to join us this week.  She has been in the hospital so it was nice to see her back.  She's such a sweetheart.  Well, everyone in the group is.

After the study Debbie, Donna and I went to Salvation Army and dropped off some things to them.  We are all trying to clean out our houses and dropping off bags once a month sure helps with that.  Things seem to accumulate so quickly and what I can't use, maybe someone else can.

I took Debbie home and then I said to Donna that I had to go to the jewelers and get Joe a watch battery.  She said she was up for a ride and she would go with me.  So we headed for Belaggio's.

Not only did I get the battery, but I found out they are moving to Warminster.  I will miss them being nearby, but it isn't that far so I will still be visiting them.  Because they are moving, everything in the store was on sale.  I mean EVERYTHING!  I really liked this pair of diamond studs but found out they were the most expensive item in the store.  With the 80% discount, they were $1,000.  I wanted them, I figured I could afford them but...  let's be practical, folks.  There's other things I could do with that money.  Instead I got a beautiful silver and turquoise cross for $26.  I love silver and turquoise and have quite a bit of it.

Donna got a pair of beautiful rose gold and diamond chandelier earrings.  So pretty!  And much prettier on her than in the case.

Since it was lunch time and we were down the street from the Country Club we decided to go there and eat before going home.  We got seated right away and both ordered burgers.  We were waiting to get served when my cell phone rang.  I saw it was Dottie, the 92-year-old lady who attends our study, so I answered it.  She told me she had fallen and couldn't get up and asked me to call her daughter.  I told her to stay where she was and to keep the phone near her.  Then I called her daughter.

It was just her voice mail so I left a message and not knowing what else to do, called Joe.  He didn't know what to do either since the door was locked and we had no key to get in.  He suggested I call the other elder, Bud, because he might have Dottie's son, Michael's, phone number.  I did and got his voice mail too.

Donna and I got our burgers (which were very good by the way) and had started eating when the phone rang again.  It was Bud returning my call.  He didn't have Michael's number either.  But he did tell me that our long-time Deacon, Ed, had passed away on Sunday and the funeral was Thursday.  Since we have no pastor at the moment we were looking for someone to have the funeral service.

I hung up from Bud and Joe called.  Dottie's daughter had called him to tell him she got my message and Michael was on his way home from work to get Dottie up.

Then I called Dottie back and told her to hang tight that Michael was on his way and she was not to move or try to get up herself.

After all of this Donna looked at me and said, "Is it always like this?"  I answered, "Welcome to my life!"

Dottie called later and fortunately she is OK.

Yesterday I had to take Joe to the Veterans Hospital to get blood work done.  We made good time getting down there, but had to wait a long time to have his blood taken.  He had fasted so he was starving and I was pretty hungry too.  So we decided to get lunch.

I headed up towards Bucks County and we put on the GPS.  We saw there was a Perkins.  We both like Perkins so decided to go there.  But... my GPS is old and when we got there, the Perkins was gone.  We ended up eating at a tiny Chinese restaurant called Asian Chopstix.  It was so clean and pretty, and the food was decent.  They had things I had never seen other places, so we probably will be going back again.

On to today.  It was the funeral of our dear friend, Ed.  Ed was one of Joe's closest friends.  One of our elders, Bob, gave the message and Joe did the eulogy.  I saw some people I haven't seen in awhile.  We connected with his children and will stay in touch with them.  Ed will be sorely missed.  This is the fifth funeral I have been to this year.  I hope this does not keep up.

After the funeral we were invited to have lunch at Pete's Clown House which isn't too far from where we live.

There was lots of food and we got to talk some more to Ed's daughter.

When we came home Joe's nephew, Kevin, had been here and worked for 5 1/2 hours in our yard.  It is beautiful!  He worked hard and deserved every cent we paid him.

This is the best it has looked in years!  I am so very happy with it.  It is at a point now where I can work easily in it and make it look nice.  I sat out there tonight and just enjoyed it.

The 8:00 p.m. sky was lovely tonight.

We are now watching the movie "12 Years A Slave".  I've seen it before, but Joe hasn't.  And then it's time for bed.  I have another long day ahead of me tomorrow.



  1. I think retirement means your more busy or it did for my mom anyway.
    Glad the lady who fell was okay. That's always scary. We went through it with my granny all the time before she passed!
    Sounds like your super busy these days. Don't forget to enjoy that yard, it's beautiful!

    1. I want to enjoy the yard if it ever stops raining so that I can! Yes, I do think I'm busier in retirement. People used to say to me that I would be bored. I told them I wouldn't and believe me I'm not!

  2. What a day or two you had and kept busy. At least retirement isn't boring! Glad you got your back lawn cleaned up. My neighbor had her tree and overage of our juniper cut out of her front by your garage yesterday. I talked to the man who was doing it and he told me how much it would cost to do our side. I am going to save money and have it all taken out. So huge now and hard to trim back. Always something, huh? I finally got my strawberries planted and want to plant my tomatoes this weekend in buckets and put them in the back yard where there's more sunshine. Hopefully they will grow. It's an experiment and get some thing good from it? Have a good rest of your week!

    1. I've been busy all right and retirement sure is not boring. I'm glad the yard is cleaned up too. Now I can do some real gardening.

  3. Talk about never a dull moment...Sorry to hear about Dottie. That poor lady. Glad Michael was finally able to get to her. The cross is beautiful! What a deal. The yard turned out really pretty. I would sit out there too! Enjoy! woof

    1. Nope, no dull moments around here.

  4. you are the busiest person I know,,, and the kindest,,,

    1. Thank you, Laurie. That is so sweet of you to say that.

    It's so much fun to enjoy the outdoors from your own yard. Your yard looks great!

    1. Thanks, Christine. I am so happy with the yard. Now if it will just stop raining so I can enjoy it.


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