Thursday, May 26, 2016


May 26
Funny thing happened in ShopRite this afternoon. I was in the olive oil aisle to pick up a bottle of California Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made completely from California grown olives, not a mix of olives or oils as many of the imported ones are. There was an attractive older man in the same area, spending a lot of time with his calculator and coupons. I didn't have a coupon for the olive oil, but I needed it. I excused myself, grabbed the bottle and continued down the aisle. At the end of the aisle I stopped to get the next item on my list. As I turned around, the man was running toward me, coupons in hand. 

"I noticed you got the California Ranch Olive Oil." 

"Yes, I like it very much, completely grown and produced in the US." 

"Do you have a coupon?" 

"No, I don't." 

"Well, I have a coupon. You may have it. It expires soon. I have another coupon for Oliveri. I was debating which one to use, but I decided on the Oliveri right now because it turns out to be cheaper. I do enjoy California Ranch, also. It is quite good. You might like to try Oliveri some time. At any rate, here is the coupon for California Ranch. It's for $1.00 off." 

This was one of the few times in my life that I was somewhat speechless. I thanked him, and he bowed and returned to the olive oils. I saw him again in another aisle. He gave me a broad smile. I held up the coupon and thanked him again. He nodded, bowed and said, "Any time! You are most welcome!" I'm surprised he noticed what I put in my cart, but then, most guys do seem to look at what I select.



  1. that renews our hope in humanity lol,, there are still some good ones left lol,,

  2. SCORE!!!
    Don't you just love it when you come across nice people? I wish this world would have many more....
    It feels good to do a random act of kindness!!!! Bless his heart.. Next time I am at a specialty store I am looking out for it just took a picture with my phone... Have a blessed day.

    1. Thanks, Marissa! There are nice people in the world.

  3. How wonderful!I often give spare coupons to other shoppers when I see they have an item. Sharing is fun!

    1. I leave my spares on the shelf with the item. It might help someone.


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