Saturday, May 21, 2016


I saw this on my brother's facebook page and thought it looked like fun, so I copied it.  Here are my answers.

A = Age:  62 (but I'm told I don't look it)
B = Biggest fear:  Being in the middle of a row of people in an auditorium.  I have to know I can get out!
C = Current time:  Morning
D = Drink you last had:  Water.  I drink a lot of water. 
E = Every day starts with:  Taking my thyroid medicine.
F = Favorite song:  Wow.  Too many to choose from.  I think my favorite today is "Soul on Fire."
G = Ghosts, are they real?:  No.  I believe that things people experience are really demons or angels.
H = Hometown:  Philadelphia, PA.  I've never lived anywhere else.
I = In love?:  Yes.  With my Joe.
J = Jealous of:  I can't think of anyone I'm jealous of.  I'm happy with my life.
K = Killed someone? :  NO!!!
L = Last time you cried:  Yesterday at the cemetery.  I loved Joe's mom and blew her a kiss when I put the flowers on her grave.
M = Middle name:  Ann
N = Number of siblings:  9.  Yes, and I'm the oldest.
O = One wish:  World peace.  Why can't we all get along?
P = Person or place you last called:  My friend, Donna.
Q = Question you're always asked:  Are the church bulletins printed yet?
R = Reason to smile:  My life.
S = Song last sang:  I can't remember.  Happy birthday to Joe?
T = Time you woke up:  6:30 a.m.
U = Underwear color:  white
V = Vacation destination:  Ocean City, NJ
W = Worst habit:  Wasting time.
X = X-rays you've had:  teeth, elbows, feet, ankles, knees, shoulder, chest, stomach, hips, neck, back...  I've had a lot.
Y = Your favorite food:  Potato chips.  Is that really a food?
Z = Zoology or botany?:  I love both animals and plants so I don't think I can choose!

That was fun.  Feel free to use this if you would like.  I'm not tagging anyone but if you want to do this it's yours.

Have a fun weekend!



  1. That's fun. I may do this. You don't look 62.

    1. Thanks, Debby. Sometimes I feel as if I'm 16 and others 160!

  2. that was fun, I love that you love your Joe,,,,,oh and yes potato chips,, my favorite food too!!!!

    1. I'm a potato chip fanatic. All the different flavors. I have to buy small bags because I will eat a large one in one sitting.

  3. Kathy, Do you and Joe go to all the historical things in your city?? There's a lot to see and do there. We all know you love Joe. :):) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. The thing with living in a historical city is that we are so used to it from when we are tiny children that we don't even think about going. It's just there. You drive by and say, "Oh yeah, the street I want is to the left of Independence Hall" or "Now I pass Elfreth's Alley and go three more blocks" or "Yeah, where I want is two blocks from Betsy Ross' House." I'm sure it's that way in other cities too. We do try to go to museums now and then but everything is so expensive to get in. Just the two of us can run close to $30. Then if there's a special exhibit we want to see, it costs even more. That's not counting food or parking.

  4. my favorite food would be chocolate cake and ice cream which I don't eat often. Fun times to think of all those things. We lived in NM for 10 years and never went to Roswell where the aliens apparently landed, Area 51. Sigh. Don't know why we never did. Happy weekend!

    1. See, that's what I'm saying. We just take things for granted. Chocolate cake and ice cream would be Joe's favorite food too. Have a good weekend!

  5. What a fun games! I haven't tried it all the way through. Food? Lasagna! And maybe M & M's.I hear you about taking the historic sights as natural. Though I confess that once when Russ & I were walking in the Independence Mall area,I wondered how anyone walked on those cobblestones. I had sneakers on & found it a bit difficult. "C" id chocolate,"H' is hugs & "J"is jelly,especially strawberry. I'm getting caught up in this! Even though it's raining,have a great day! (I think of Gene Kelly! ha ha!) woof

    1. Deb, answer the questions! They aren't all food related. You must be hungry. I'll have to feed you at church this morning, ha, ha! See you in a couple of hours.

  6. Heaven's but that's revealing. :) I will pass on it but I do admit to loving these question thingies .. I tend to fudge on the answers though but love to read them from other people. :) You came up with something a lot better than I did to post about. I'm still struggling...grrrrr


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