Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Can you believe it?

Are you ever curious about what I look like while I'm at work?  Well wonder no more.  Diane took a picture of me waiting on a customer the other day.  Here I am.

Don't I look professional?  Oh, if they only knew.  Ha, ha.  I really do enjoy my job.  It's just some of the kids and all my aches and pains.

How about Bob?  Diane took one of him working too.  Ignore our messy workroom please.

Last Wednesday Liz was out so Jerry did the preschool storytime.  He did a good job too!

That was a nice day unlike the last two days.  My theory is that the kids are bored.  They run around the building, scream, yell, insult people, destroy property, etc.  These are not babies but young teens.  Today three of them broke into our outside air conditioning system.  When they were caught they each blamed the other.  Of course.

There were a group of kids at the videos today.  I was in the workroom and looked out because of the noise.  There were a couple of girls climbing the shelves to get to those on top.  If they had slipped, they would have been seriously hurt.  I told them to get off and the one girl said she was too short to reach the top shelf.  I told her one of her taller friends could do it.  Then one of the boys grabbed the video of "Son of God" and said his name was Jesus and he was the Son of God.  I told him he needed to be careful what he said.  I asked if he went to church and he said "sometimes".  I told him I attended a super church and would be glad to pick him up and take him home on Sunday.  He, of course, said no.  One of the girls asked me what church it was and when I told her said she had never heard of it.  The boy said he didn't have to go to church because he WAS the church.  He repeated that he was Jesus and could do miracles.  I said I would pray for him and he said I should be praying TO him.

I tell you this story so that you can pray for him along with me.  Of course he was just showing off for his friends and trying to get a rise out of me, but wouldn't it be awesome to see this kid saved?  I don't know his name, but God does and that's all that matters.

I am starting to fall asleep while I am typing this.  I am going to end and go to bed.  Tomorrow is another day.  *sigh*



  1. Was it Art Linkletter who had the tv s how "Kids Say The Darndest Things"? Isn't it the truth? I will be praying for him. All of you do look professional.It was nice of Jerry to substitute;bet he liked it more than he'd admit. It can be interesting to step outside our usual...
    Wishing you a day of blessings!

  2. Prayers for that boy
    It amazes me how teens act today
    I'm only 35 and my daddy would have whooped my butt if I did some of the things kids do todayy

  3. Hard to believe we are that close to fall. Seems the summer has flown by. Young people today are not respectful because a lot of them arent taught it at home. It is a sad state. I will pray for that young man. As you said, he should be careful what he says or does...we never know. Have a happy Thursday. Oh, the picture is good and you do look professional.

  4. Kathy, I think some one should come into the library and record these teens and show their faces in the paper. Maybe have a report come do a story on it. You can be nice only so long. Or you need a security man. Kids acting out like that make good citizen not want to be there. I remember a story of teens hanging out at a corner store making customers uncomfortable. The store started playing classical music and that ran them off. LOL. xoxo,Susie

  5. You look professional and you were very professional with the kids! Not easy to reach out and invite him to church. But you DID! That is just what Jesus would of done! Sending prayers for you and this boy. He sounds very lost.
    Way to go Kathy!

  6. Why don't you all have security inside library? All ours do. kids used to hang out in those rooms you study in , well not no more. security makes a huge difference. I wonder if those kids would behave the same if there parents were there?
    YOu do look professional!!
    40 days can't come soon enough it is so Hot.. but, then again I want it to slow down I don't want my Tea turning one just yet.:(


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