Thursday, April 5, 2012


I am sitting here at lunch break right now, well dinner break actually, and figured I'd get a head start on my post for today.  It has been a beautiful sunny day.  I am enjoying it even if I do have to be inside.  The library is full of windows and is so light and pleasant.  And finally it is not too busy!  A normal busy day, not an EXTREMELY busy day.  Yes!

We are closed tomorrow for Good Friday.  I was supposed to work on Saturday, but traded my weekend with Bob because I am having company this weekend and need to get everything cleaned up and ready.  That was so nice of him to trade with me.  So I will be working next weekend for him.  I am taking Monday off to spend with my sister.  So in an hour and a half I will be off from work for four days.  Can't wait!  So now you see why I called this post "It's almost there."  My mini-vacation.

Joe and our friend Jim are trying to fix the heater at church.  It is a bigger job than they anticipated.  Joe says even though he has the head knowledge, his disabilities make it hard for him to do what he knows how to do so, Jim is doing most of the work.  Jim is enjoying learning how to do it from Joe.  They are a good team.  Joe just called me and he is going to sleep for a few hours now.

I am having these huge and wonderful shoulder pork chops for dinner when I get home at 8:30 p.m.  I bought a package on manager's special last week for $7 and there were 9 chops in the package.  They are so big they completely cover the dinner plate.  So I am getting 4 meals out of $7.  Not bad.  I am stopping real quick at ShopRite on the way home to pick up some strawberries for tonight and some fish that I want to have for dinner tomorrow.  I love the spring with all the fresh fruit and vegetables.

I am looking for my black jacket to wear on Easter.  Wait until you see the cute outfits I got -- one for church and one for going to dinner.  You know there are pictures coming.  But I need my black jacket and I can't find it ANYWHERE.  I know I must have put it someplace safe where I wouldn't lose it.  Ha, ha.  Isn't that always the way.

Dinner break is almost over, so I am going to run.  Have a blessed Holy Thursday everyone.  Until tomorrow.

P.S.  Dinner turned out great!  Here is a picture of Joe's plate.  I told you the pork chops were huge!



  1. Bless Bob for trading with you! It really was nice of him. Those chops are huge!I was drooling just over the picture.Ha ha
    I am the same way about putting a thing away.I once had a t-shirt I bought for Russ & he got it 3 years later! Hope you find your jacket.

  2. Yummy, those chops look delicious!!!
    Enjoy your 4 day break. You work so hard, you deserve some downtime.


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