Monday, April 16, 2012


It was really hot here today.  It got up to 89 degrees.  90 degrees was our record high, so almost.

We had all the doors open at work (can't open the windows) and fans going and it was still so hot.  I wore a really light top and jeans and thought I was going to die.

Sheila got a call this morning that the Kensington Branch needed an LA to go there because they didn't have enough people to open the branch.  Both Diane and I offered to go.  Finally Diane decided she should be the one.  She had a cup of tea and we told her to take her time and finish it and I would drive her over there.  Just then, we got another call that one of the other branches was closing because of the heat and one of their library assistants would go.  Whew!  Got out of that one.

About an hour later we got another call that a librarian was needed somewhere and could we send one of ours.  But Jerry was out today and Sheila was the only librarian there, so we missed that one too.

None of us mind helping another branch out, but no one likes to stop what they are doing and go somewhere else.  If we knew ahead of time that we would be going to another branch the next day, it would be so much better.  But that's not how it works.

It is supposed to get cooler tomorrow.  I hope so.  I love the hot weather, but I think it is too soon to put the air conditioners in.  Especially if it is going to get cool again.  Let's see what tomorrow brings.


  1. It was in the high 80's here on Sunday! Ive been running my AC for about a month now, no joke! I love hot weather there so Im enjoying it like crazy!

  2. Your job is intersting and exciting.
    Love how you describe your job.

    Hoping you are cooling off.


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