Monday, April 2, 2012


I thought my busy days were a thing of the past.  I thought having three full time and one half-time employees was enough.  I was wrong.  What a day!

It started off with us celebrating Diane's birthday.  She liked the idea of soft pretzels instead of cake because she is really not into sweet things, so that is what Jerry did.  It was fun.

Then I get a call from the Area Administrator (my boss' boss).  She said one of the branches had to close down because they had no heat and she was going to send the new half-time library assistant over to me to train because I was such a good supervisor and knew what I was doing.  Wow!  That was really a compliment!

So Barbara came over.  She was really nice and really good at picking up everything we told her.  I got the other two full-timers to help showing her things too and they were wonderful.  I am so proud of my staff.  I was glad to have Barbara, too.  I think everyone in the neighborhood was calling or coming in.  I had to put two people on the desk at a time it was so busy.

Next Tuesday we have a mandatory all day all-staff meeting at the Central Library.  No one wants to go which is why all the libraries in the city are closed and we are required to go.  It costs a great deal to park in center city, so they had a lottery to give away some free parking spaces.  Both Jerry and I won!  We had to be taking at least two other people with us so I am taking my two LA1s.  You know I will be telling you all about that day.  But I am so happy to not have to pay for parking!

The other night we watched the movie "The Smurfs".  I was going to go see it in the theater, but never got there.  I'm glad I waited.  It was a cute movie, but I wouldn't have wanted to pay to see it.  We are watching "The Help" now.  It's only at the beginning, but it seems pretty good.  I'm going to end so that I can see it.


  1. Shew, sounds like a busy day on the job! Good thing you have lots of people working. What a great compliment you recieved. Must have made you happy.

    Enjoy your movie!

  2. Free parking in center city. That's amazing. It's a good thing too. I think parking for all day is $20.00.

  3. Yes, you were busy!

    Nothing is better then to get a complement from the "boss". Way to go!

    Hope you enjoyed The Help. I couldn't put the book down and the movie was just as great. Saw it two times and that says a lot.


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