Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today was quite a day.  It started off with our weekly Bible Study.  Four people showed up.  Joe is still recovering, so I got to do most of the teaching.  Yea!  We finished up our study on Satan.  (By the way, the end of the story is that he loses to God.)  It went really well.  I think Joe and I have finally found the right way to teach together.  It was great!

I always have to hurry from the study to work and today was no exception.  The library was already opened up when I got there because it is a polling place.  I was surprised that almost no one was there voting today and only one person asked me where the voting booths were.

Remember our computers being down yesterday?  They were up today.  But Diane was on vacation.  So it was just Bob and me trying to catch up -- entering books that had been checked out, checking in books that were returned, and doing library cards.  We had SO many calls, cards, people.  We were so busy!

But I had an out.  When Marquita came in, I had to leave to go to the dentist.  Yes, even going to the dentist has an advantage.  I had the second of my scalings done.  My teeth are looking great.  Now I just have to keep them this way.

No, this is not my smile.  Smile is courtesy of google!

I am so hungry since I didn't get to eat lunch, but my mouth is too numb for me to eat.  I'm hoping by the time I cook it that I will be loose enough to chew without biting my lips or cheeks.  I am making baked eggplant from my brother Larry's recipe.  Let's see how it turns out.

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