Saturday, September 30, 2023


 Hello, friends.  Hope you all had a great day today.  I'm finally getting back to you to finish the story.  I meant to a few days ago, but things around here been hectic.  Right now I have ordered a pizza for dinner and I am waiting for it to be delivered.  Being lazy today.  I've been fighting a headache for several days so I figure I can do a lazy day.

So let's continue on.  On Sunday morning I got up before Joe and had some quiet time by myself.  It was such a nice and pretty room and I was enjoying it.  I took my medicine and looked at some stuff on my tablet.

I took a picture of this painting they had hanging in the bathroom.  I have seen this picture in other rooms that we have stayed in at this hotel.  I love it and had to get a shot of it.

When Joe got up, he got ready for church and then I did.  We were going to go get breakfast, but really didn't have time.  We had donuts and bananas with us and they made a great breakfast.

We checked out and then went to the Paradise Bible Fellowship Church.  We have been wanting to go there for awhile, but it's so far from home.  We were not disappointed.  We are friends with the pastor and he is a great speaker.  The people there were all so friendly and some of them recognized us from when we went to Annual Conference.  I wouldn't mind going there every week.

After church we went to lunch.  There is a new Sushi restaurant that we wanted to try, so we headed there.  And what a good choice that was.  It was so new to us -- all you can eat but you order it one or two dishes at a time.  You are given a small plate to eat off of and the dishes come out on small plates.

We began by ordering iced tea and California rolls.  I didn't know how it worked at first.  Joe was in the restroom so I ordered two  California rolls, one for each of us.  But then we figured out how to do it and split orders of sweet potato rolls, beef gyoza, beef with noodles, and vegetable tempura.  Everything was very good.  We will definitely be going back there again.

Then it was time to head for home.  We were going to look at some of the stores, but it was raining pretty hard and it was a two hour drive home.  So we figured we would be back later.

It was such a great weekend.  So relaxing and enjoyable being there.  I have part two of the get away up on YouTube so head on over there to see the video.  I also just found some photos of the first day that I didn't post.  I will do another post to show them to you.

And now it is time for pizza so I will say good night for now.  See you all soon.

Until later...



  1. What a wonderful anniversary celebration the two of you enjoyed. The food sounds amazingly delicious.
    What a beautiful painting, a nice homely touch to your room.
    Enjoy your pizza, and hopefully your headache is long gone.

  2. Sounds like a really enjoyable trip and I'm glad you were able to visit that Church and try a new restaurant! Happy Anniversary and I hope this year will be great for you both!

  3. Hi Kathy. Pizza on a Saturday night is my favorite! Sounds like you had a good anniversary trip. I watched both of your Youtubes about it. I hope you get over the headache soon. It's always good to read what is new with you and Joe. See you again soon!

  4. I'm glad you and Joe had a great time away from home and being at church that you like to attend. I just got home from an anniversary party a friend invited me to. Good to see them again. Delicious food as well. Sadly Phil wasn't able to be there as he had to work overtime today. Still not home yet. That's alot of work in one day. Hope your headache goes away soon. I had that happen to me a couple days ago. Have a blessed weekend 🙏

  5. It is so good you & Joe were able to get away for your anniversary. I love discovering new restaurants. I like the house at
    the end of your blog. So many windows! The rooms must have so much light! May the coming year bring you both even closer.

  6. Hi Kathy. I did leave another message on Kathy's Happy Home. I haven't noticed a post from you and wanted to make sure you are fine. Always look forward to seeing your videos and reading what you are up to. Take care of yourself and have a blessed weekend.


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