Wednesday, September 6, 2023


Good morning, friends!  Hope you are having a wonderful day.  I am still in my nightshirt, watching Netflix, and waiting until I can take my next dose of medicine.  I take my thyroid pill, wait an hour, take my high blood pressure and stomach pills, wait 20 minutes, then I can eat and afterwards take my heart pill.  It's a complicated process in the morning.  Some have to be on an empty stomach, some on a full one.  So each morning I get up early and take a couple of hours to just get myself together.  After breakfast I get ready for the day and then do my Bible reading and prayer.  By that time I've usually been up about 3 hours and I'm ready to start the day.

There was so much I wanted to do yesterday, but none of it got done.  So I have to run my errands today even though it is supposed to be the hottest day of the year.  (It was really hot yesterday too.)  Going to the bank and picking up my prescription are the most important, although I want to stop in Lidl's to see what they have.  That may wait for another day though.  Oh, and I also have to pick up my Amazon order at the locker at 7-11 around the corner.  Ever since we had a package stolen from our doorstep, we have been having our items sent to the locker.

I have so much cleaning to do at home.  I'm going through everything and asking myself if I really want to keep this, or can I throw it away or donate it.  Amazing how many things I thought I really needed, but now don't.  Maybe someone else can use them more than I.

I'm also working on cleaning out the kitchen.  I decided that was probably my easiest room to clean and if I get that done, it will spur me on to do more.

I have some reading to get done also.  I have a book I borrowed over a year ago and still haven't gotten to it.  I really need to get it read and give it back.

I think I will now get off of here and get on with my day.  Hope you all have a lovely one.

Until later...




  1. Hi Kathy, We too have had many days of hot and humid weather this year. Hot and humid enough to not want to stay outside. I think we have just broken through with the cooler degree weather today and I'm sure happy about that. Your post is encouraging me to try and fill a bag of clothing from my closet that I no longer want. I may look at my shoes too. I cleared a lot out last year but need to look again at the ones I kept but haven't worn:) Where do we get so much stuff? Ha!

  2. Glad to hear you're doing better, and getting into such a pleasant schedule with your day. I've missed mingling around with all the blog folks I'd grown to love and call friends, and just now got LAWN TEA up and running again---thanks to Life&Linda's talents with the computer. You always have such a sweet, happy outlook on life and make ordinary days into little adventures as you go along. Stay Cool, and be well.

  3. Hi Kathy. It sounds like you are really busy with cleaning and getting rid of stuff. We have had Amazon packages stolen from porches in our neighborhood too. That's why we got a Ring Doorbell and a security camera. It's so sad how dishonest people are. Having your packages delivered to a locker is a good idea. We need to get rid of more stuff too, if we are really going to move somewhere else when I retire. It's always good to see what you are up to. I hope things cool down there in Philly and that you have a good September. See you again soon!

  4. I always get the cleaning bug and clearing out bug in the fall and as far as I'm concerned, Fall is here! I've taken on a couple of projects that turned out bigger than I thought. Sort of like having eyes bigger than my stomach! Now I'm rushing to get things done. Sounds like you are in the same mode as me. We live in the country and our porch isn't visible to the public so my son who lives in town always has his packages sent here so nothing gets stolen. Cooler temps are coming and the rain today is welcomed. I love Fall and will try and enjoy each day! Have a good week Kathy

  5. I have been doing some decluttering in an area where my sewing machine is. I found a photo book with my granddaughter's photos in it after she was born and really young. I may just keep working on it and give it to her when she is older than she is now, which is 15 years old. I guess I'd have to do that with my two other grandchildren!! We have had a bit cooler nights and clouds arrived late afternoon when I left Silverton where my massage was at. Hope you are having a good day and you can get things done that you need to do. Hugs and blessings, Becky

  6. Wow! What a busy morning you have! I can understand about the
    errands. I have to go to the bank, maybe CVS & Wawa. Hoping to get an early start. (sigh...)
    Decluttering can be so draining. I'm encouraging to keep it up!
    It is not easy. However you sometimes discover a few surprise

  7. It has been a very hot week! Right now it's storming so maybe that will cause the temps to decrease. I know some meds need to be taken on an empty stomach...sounds like you have your routine down real good! My meds can just be taken when I get up but I do try to remember to take some supplements during the day...sometimes I forget. My forgetter works pretty good =)
    Clearing out stuff is so time consuming. It's been 9 years and I somehow still remember that feeling!!

  8. 107 here today and tomorrow and then down to the 90's!!
    It's a lot of work taking all the medicine at the right time, isn't it?
    LD and I both take a lot of different medicines and I am so grateful it's easy enough - morning and bedtime!

  9. Still enjoy your blog so much. Google lets me comment occasionally. Are you still selling your house? Take care prayers (Brenda)

  10. Stay cool. Your morning pill routine sounds like it takes time, some on an empty stomach and some after eating.


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