Wednesday, February 15, 2023



Hello, friends!  Hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday with your loved ones.  I had a very busy day.

It started with stopping at Rite Aid on my way to Bible Study.  I wanted to get a card for Joe and a treat for the ladies at the study.  But I took a quick look down the Valentine's aisle also.  Look what I found.

Isn't it cute?  I have very few Valentine's Day decorations.  And this little heart was 75% off.  Of course it's too late to use it this year, but I will put it away until next Valentine's Day.  It will look cute in the front window.

After the study Joe and I went to Yamato's for lunch.  That was my gift to Joe rather than have something that will just add to the clutter in my house.  There were so many choices, it was hard to decide.

Finally Joe decided on a NY strip steak bento box.  It came with a salad, sashimi, sushi and rice.

I got vegetable yaki soba.  It was so good.

It was so much food that neither of us ate dinner.  We just got some snacks but even that was a bit much.

As usual Joe gave me my one red rose.  It is in a beautiful bouquet.

He also gave me a box of gourmet chocolate truffles and a beautiful card.

I fell asleep really early last night.  The only trouble is that I woke up at 12:30 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep.  I have to take Joe to a doctor's appointment this afternoon, but I think when I get home I will have to take a nap.

See you all later.  I'll look forward to reading about your day yesterday.



  1. Hi Kathy. I am glad that you had a nice Valentine's Day. The food looks delicious. I also love that Joe gives you flowers so often. What a great guy you found! Enjoy the rest of your week. See you again soon!

  2. A lovely Valentine's Day for you and Joe. Anytime I can have a doggy box for the next day feels like a frugal blessing. I had lunch out with my daughter on Monday after my doctor appt. and had the leftovers on Valentine's Day. Win-win.

    Hope that you got your nap. Sometimes the best sleep is in the recliner. 💤

  3. The bouquet is beautiful! Is that a Stargazer lily? They are so
    lovely. Our Valentine's Day was kinda quiet. Russ wasn't having
    his best day,so I heated an On-Cor penne pasta w/meatballs. Less
    dishes & clean-up.
    Hope you got your nap. I believe naps are very underrated.

  4. Your ♥️ day celebration was very nice and the flowers were lovely as well. I didn't buy Grenville any candy treats, but gave him a cookbook he was planning to buy.

  5. What a wonderful Valentines Day with you honey. Lovely gifts and thoughts of love. You too are so cute! I was at my Women's Bible study on Valentines Day and our leader gave us each a very sweet craft she had made telling us "We were Loved".

  6. Your valentine's day sounds lovely. Those flowers...Joe knows how to pick them. We didn't do anything special, I didn't even decorate at all. Must be getting old!!


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