Friday, February 3, 2023



Hello, friends.  I'm so glad to be back with you.  Thank you for understanding that I was sick this week and didn't get any posts up.  I am doing much better now.  I think I'm entirely over being sick.  Keep your fingers crossed.

My friend Kathy goes to a Senior Center several days a week.  They do lots of things there.  But every Friday a farm brings in some things for them that they can't sell.  The produce is borderline.  Still good, but not good enough for their farmer's market.  All the people at the center are able to help themselves to whatever they want.

Kathy has been bringing things home for awhile.  But now the lady she lives with has told her she doesn't want the veggies any more.  I don't know why.  Maybe because they are "borderline" and she can't use them fast enough.  Kathy called me and asked if I would be interested.  Yes!  Of course!  Kathy picks up the produce on Friday and brings it to church for me on Sunday.

I haven't been taking pictures of it, but I am going to begin to this week.  What we can't use we share with our friend, Rosemary, who is going through a tough time these days.  She lives two blocks from us, so I go through the things and Joe takes her a bag each week.  It has been three weeks now (this Sunday will be the fourth week) and I am loving it.  Let me tell you what I have gotten.

Week 1:  sweet potatoes, white potatoes and cauliflower

There were six large sweet potatoes so I used two, gave two to Rosemary and will use the other two this week.  The white potatoes was a five pound bag and I am working my way through them although I gave three to Rosemary.  The cauliflower unfortunately did not last and I had to dump it.

Week 2:  pretzel rolls, wheat rolls, eggplant, yellow and orange peppers.
The pretzel rolls didn't last long at all.  Joe loved them.  There were six in the package.  I got one.  It is just like a soft pretzel but in roll form.

We haven't eaten the wheat rolls yet, but they are in the fridge and are doing OK.

There were two eggplants.  I gave one to Rosemary.  They looked awful on the outside and I anticipated having to cut a lot of it away.  But inside it was beautiful.  And so sweet!  Fried eggplant made us an entire dinner.  Unfortunately it was the night I began to get sick.  I had four slices and went running to the bathroom.  So Joe got almost the whole thing.  And loved it.

I gave the two orange peppers to Rosemary and kept the two yellow ones.  There was no way I was going to use four peppers.  And I was too sick to cook and freeze them.  We had stuffed peppers with them when I was feeling a bit better.  Still, Joe ate most of mine.

Week 3:  (last week) asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli and carrot packs, yellow peppers, country white bread, ciabatta

There were two bunches of asparagus.  I gave one to Rosemary.  The other I am having for dinner tonight.  There were two cellophane bags of broccoli, cauliflower and carrot pieces.  Cut sort of like you would for a salad.  I gave one to Rosemary and we will have the other soon.  There were two yellow peppers and I kept both of them so I could make stuffed peppers again now that I am feeling better.  All of the vegetables were beautiful.

There were two loaves of bread and I kept both of them.  We go through bread quickly around here.  At first I thought they were the same thing, but then I read the labels and they are different.  This will be fun to try.

Kathy also gave me a box of strawberries, but unfortunately they had gone bad before I got them.

I can't wait until her phone call this afternoon to see what we are getting this week.  This is saving us so much money on food and we really appreciate it besides enjoying the surprise of what we will get each week.

See you later.



  1. Sounds like a blessing for a number of folks...trickle down theory at its finest. ☺️ So glad that you are feeling so much better. That's wonderful news.

  2. How nice that they are passing this good produce and baked goods on to others. That really is helpful with prices so high. Take care!

  3. That food sounds like a blessing for many who are struggling to make ends meet. It's nice of your friend to share with you and then you share with another friend. That is kindness and caring in action! So glad that you are feeling better. See you again soon!

  4. Wow, Kathy! How great is that?! I love that you can share what you have with someone that needs help. God has put you in that person's life...but you know that. Happy weekend- xo Diana

  5. So happy to hear you are feeling better. It's fantastic that
    everyone can share. In these tight times,we can all use a hand. AND
    it's all healthy! Win! Win ! Enjoy!

  6. Hi Kathy, What a good deal on those vegetables, fruits and breads you are getting from your friend. That food would just go to waste if you and Rosemary didn't use it. I can understand why you are excited to see what you will get each week because it sounds like a good variety so you won't get tired of any one thing. Glad to hear you are feeling better! - - Suemn - -

  7. I'm glad you are feeling better and stay that way. Nice have friend give you items to eat that are free. I put bread/rolls in freezer instead of fridge as it's better for bread/rolls. I set mine out early b4 eating it. Microwave too if it's still cold for seconds not minutes. Happy weekend. 😊

  8. Kathy, good news to read that you are feeling better and hope all continues to go well. How nice that you friend is sharing the bounty from the farmer's market at the senior center. Even marginal looking veggies can be put to great use. The pretzel buns looked good too.

  9. How nice for you to get the fresh items! And how nice of you to share some with a friend in need. Just beautiful! I'm so glad you are feeling better. ♥️

  10. This is a great way to share and save money too! The price of food is ridiculous...especially eggs! I get eggs from one of our Docs at the hospital who has chickens and sells the eggs for $2 a doz. It makes me laugh to think of this Doctor who has lots of money actually selling eggs but I'll take beautiful brown organic eggs for that price instead of the white ones for $3.50 a doz! I hope you continue to feel better and I also hope your weather is good. Take care Kathy!


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