Wednesday, February 22, 2023


 Hello, friends.  Bet you didn't expect to see me back so quickly.  But I actually have something to share with you.

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday.  You might know it as Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Carnivale, Carnival, Donut Day, Pancake Day or many other names.  Basically it is the day before Lent begins.  This is the 40 days leading up to Easter.  While the church I am a part of is not liturgical, there are some things that Joe and I choose to do.

As I said to Joe last night at dinner, in my family all the little things I observe are more cultural than religious,  Having a German family background, a lot of things come from that.

I went to Bible Study and afterwards Debbie and I drove over to the bakery and got our Fastnacht.  I had called earlier and asked them to put 2 away for me.  I was afraid they would run out, but I really didn't have to worry.  There was a lot of them.  At study Pastor asked me to pick him up a half-dozen.

When we got there, there was quite a line to get in.  Debbie offered to go in and get the things for me.  I knew I couldn't stand in that line.

This was just the beginning of the line.  By the time Debbie came out of the bakery, there were about 12 people in line to get in.

Debbie had not just a bag for me and a box for Pastor, but she had a box for herself and her husband too.  I know they were not disappointed with them.

We drove back to church.  Pastor was on the porch of the parsonage and was so happy to get his donuts.  Then I took Debbie home, stopping at Popeye's drive through to get her lunch.

On the way home I gave Joe a call and asked if he wanted to go to Wawa's and get hoagies for lunch.  Of course he did.  So I swung by the house, picked him up, and we got sandwiches and chips for lunch.  It was so good, but we were not hungry for dinner at 6:00.  So we ended up having dinner at 8:00.  Kind of late, but that's when we got hungry.

Of course for dinner I had pancakes.  I usually have pancakes on Fat Tuesday.  After all, it is Pancake Day too.

And then we had our Fastnacht for dessert.  Fastnacht literally means "last night" or the night before the fast.  And this will be the last "treat" until Easter for us.  They were so good!  Basically it is a heavy dough (sometimes a potato dough but the bakery I go to uses a butter dough) that is deep fried and then dipped in either cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar.  We got cinnamon.  They are then cut into rectangles or triangles.  The four sides of the rectangle stand for the four gospels and the three sides of the triangle stand for the Trinity.  They are never round.

These are made only once a year, so that's it until next Fat Tuesday.

Thanks for coming along with me today.  Now on to getting breakfast, feeding Jack the cat, putting in a Shoprite order, crafting, doing dishes, ironing, cleaning up the kitchen...  Mac and cheese for dinner tonight.

See you soon,



  1. I love this, Kathy! I married into a very Catholic family and we always honored lent. However, years ago we left the Catholic church so that my husband could become a pastor (at age 50). I do love the Lenten season though and Easter. Your food looks good and YOU look good, too---like you are feeling a lot better. xo Diana

  2. Hi Kathy. That Fastnacht look delicious. Philadelphia has some wonderful bakeries! You and Joe both look like you are feeling better. May you both have a blessed season of Lent.

  3. What a sweet pic of the two of you. The Fastnacht look tasty to me. A blessed and meaningful Lent season to you.

  4. That is a really nice picture of you and Joe. You both look so good.

  5. it was great to see both yourself and Joe in this post, Kathy, and hope you both have been feeling better as well. I was not familiar with Fastnacht so thanks for explaining about this pastry treat.


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