Sunday, January 23, 2022



Hello, friends!  Hope you are all having a lovely day.  It has been a long time since I did a Sunday Praise post.  I no longer have a Sunday School class, but I continue to get free lessons sent to me from the U.K.  I thought I would share this week's lesson with you.  The theme is John the Baptist.

Even before John was a baby, his parents knew God had a special plan for him.  Zacharias and Elizabeth were too old to have a baby.  His birth was a miracle.  He was Jesus' cousin.

Zacharias and Elizabeth were good parents and taught John what it meant to obey God.  They thought, when he was old enough, John would also become a priest.

But God had a special mission for John.  Instead of working at the temple as a priest, he moved to the desert.  He wore clothes made from camel's hair.  He ate locusts and wild honey.  (Matthew 3:4)

He began to preach an important message.  John taught people they needed to repent.  Many people came to listen to him.

Some people thought he was crazy.  Some religious people told him off.  But others believed his message and repented of their sins.  They said sorry for the bad things they had done and began to obey God.

John baptized them in the Jordan River.  It was a way to show they really meant what they said.  It was like washing the bad things away.

Many people repented of their sins and were baptized by John.  John was preparing the way for Jesus.

This lesson made me wonder how I prepare the way for Jesus.  How do I show evidence of my repentance for my sins?  Many people talk the talk but do not walk the walk.  I need to be so careful that I am not like one of them, but that Christ shines through me always.

John's main task was not baptizing people, but calling attention to Jesus.  Do I call attention to Jesus?  Or is my focus on myself?

Deep thoughts indeed.

On another note, I thought I would let you know that I went to my primary doctor this week.  The pain in my left arm is so intense that I can barely move it.  Now the pain is going up my neck and into my back.  After examining me (and pushing in a spot on my back that was so painful I almost screamed) Dr. Barbara said that it was not a torn rotator cuff or even torn ligaments in my arm.  It is a torn tendon in my neck.  She knew what it was immediately from where the pain was.  I am now on steroids and will be getting an X-ray this week of my neck and shoulder to make sure her diagnosis is correct.  Hopefully this will clear up itself without any further treatment.  If not, I will be seeing an orthopedist.  But what a relief to finally know exactly what is wrong with me and to be getting some treatment.

I am going to end for now.  Hopefully I will be back later this week with another post.  I'm trying to keep in touch.  Really trying.

See you all later.



  1. Hi Kathy, So glad you are finding out what is causing the pain in your shoulder and neck. I hope you can get some treatment that helps. This is a great Sunday School lesson and good questions to think about. Thank you for this post. See you again soon.

  2. Sorry you're still in pain but thankful Dr figured put what was wrong. Praying you feel better daily. I like John the Baptist story. Thanks for it in your post. Jesus is so good to have in my life. Hugs and blessings!

  3. So glad your Dr could tell where your pain was coming from! Praying it all gets resolved.I enjoyed the lesson on John the Baptist. Sometimes hearing stories in simpler terms brings a point/perspective that I missed before.
    I agree about the talk/walk. It can be hard at times to see howw others perceive us. We can but try. Deep thoughts indeed.
    Looking forward to your next post!

  4. I hope your neck heals and feels better each day. Enjoy your Sunday!

  5. Feel better soon.

    I enjoyed your bread-making vlog. And we must be the same age as I recognized the cookbook. ☺️

  6. I am so sorry that you're still experiencing pain, but happy that you finally got to the bottom of the problem. Prayers for complete healing. Stay warm!!

  7. Gosh Kathy... You do not have good luck when it comes to your health do you? You are right though that it's always nice to know what is causing the pain and hopefully, if it is a torn tendon in the neck, it will heal quickly on its own.

  8. That was a good lesson, Kathy. Glad you could find something online that works for you.
    I hope the diagnosis is correct. At least that way you have some direction. I think the worst is being in limbo and not knowing what is wrong. xo Diana

  9. Thank you for posting. A torn tendon sounds horrible but, as Diana said above, the worst is not knowing what is wrong. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, you can get treatment and start healing. Hope your toe is feeling better. Years ago, when we had horses,I broke my right little toe a FEW times. My mare would always step wide and catch that toe. My last horse died when I was 51 and I haven't broken it since. Thankfully I've had no pain even in very cold weather. I pray for a quick and complete healing for you.

  10. So glad to find a new post, Kathy, and it's good that you have a diagnosis of why you were in such pain. I hope the steroids will ease the pain soon and while the diagnosis didn't sound great, at least you will be getting the Xray as well. Please keep us posted when you can and sending healing thoughts to you from Grenville and myself.

  11. So happy you were diagnosed correctly! Now let the healing begin. Praying for you right now, my friend. ❤


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