Thursday, January 13, 2022


 Hello, friends!  I thought you might like to see the view outside of my kitchen window.  Worse than the snow is the bitter cold.  I have not left my house in days.  With my asthma, it's not good to breathe sub-zero air into my lungs.  Well, I don't think it's good for anyone to breathe it in whether you have asthma or not!

Tonight I made some chicken vegetable soup with some leftover chicken thighs I had.  I wanted to use them before they went bad.  I figured out how to do it with no help from a recipe and it was so easy.  I put 12 cups of water into a Dutch oven, added four packets of chicken bouillon, cut up the boneless, skinless chicken thighs and added them and ended by adding a bag of frozen mixed vegetables.  I let it cook about 45 minutes and it was done.  And I have about half of it left over for tomorrow.

While I was cleaning up the other day I found the honey pot and bread tray my sister had given Joe a few years ago.  One jar of honey was left and since honey doesn't go bad (ever) it was still good.  It was from a bee co-op in the New Jersey county she lives in and was from clover.  My goodness it is so good.  A different flavor than I have ever tasted in honey.  I put together a little vignette, lit a candle and took a picture.  I think it looks so nice.

Not much really going on here.  I carry on cleaning out the house.  I found that in the evening I sit on the sofa and have a pile of paperwork to go through beside me.  I just do a little at a time during the commercials as I watch TV and I am amazed at how much has gotten done.  And why do I have so much paper in this house?  That has got to stop!  But it's so easy to put things aside and tell myself I will deal with it later.  Anyone else do this?  I can't be the only one. I feel so good that so much has gotten done.

A week ago I was walking around the house barefoot (a bad habit I have) and I walked into the leg of the kitchen table and broke my toe in three places.  Ouch!  Fortunately, the pain didn't last more than a couple of days and the bruising is almost gone.  There's not much you can do for a broken toe except let it heal.

And finally, I am slowly packing up Christmas and putting out snowmen for January.  I'll be sad to see things go away until next year.  Like my teddy bear nutcracker.  You can see the box with the snowmen next to the angel.

Jack is no help with this cleaning up thing.  His job is to mess things up and make it harder for me.  But who can be mad at him when you look at his sweet face?

That's about it from this end.  Hope you stay warm and safe.  I'll be talking to you soon.



  1. Hi Kathy. Your toe looks painful! I think I broke one of my toes right before Christmas and walking around San Antonio during our winter trip was very, very painful. Soaking it in very warm water and epsom salts every night for several days helped a lot. It sure looks cold and snowy there in Philly. Yes, it seems likes everyone gets a certain amount of paper clutter that has to be dealt with. It seems to be part of modern life. So glad you are making progress on yours. We love honey at our house, and yes, you are right it does not go bad. If it goes to sugar, you can put the jar is boiling water and bring the sugar back to honey. We have done that many time. I am glad that you were feeling well enough to post. I hope to see you again soon. :-)

  2. OUCH! I know that toe "smarted" as I am a good one for always banging my toes on things and I've broken more than one over the years. I'm glad it didn't hurt for too long. It has been good weather for soup. I made ham and bean soup earlier in the month and am thinking about either chicken noodle or stuffed pepper soup this weekend with all the cold and snow that is in the forecast. My kitty is helping me do type at the moment. The laptop has a touch screen and he keeps enlarging the page...purring away the whole time. Glad you are feeling well and keeping busy.

  3. You are not the only one with paper clutter! Me too. I am a work in progress at going through it. I feel your toe pain. My baby toe (left foot) gives me aches even a few months later. My big toe is a bit painful at being put in heavyier sneakers due to cold weather. I want to be able to walk in my isotoners! lol! I empathize..
    I'm with you on the cold. Tomorrow our dogs will have to settle for pottying in the yard. Too cold for a walk. You take care & stay warm as well. (with 3 dogs & the cat you know we're all snuggled!)

  4. Oh no, my biggest problem is paper clutter. It all seems so important, but it really is not. Sounds like your method for going through it is working! Sorry about the toe.

  5. Hi Kathy, Snowing here today so I plan to stay inside. I know what you mean about paper clutter. I am constantly trying my best to declutter unnecessary papers. I cleaned out some of my files last year and plan to do more clearing of unneeded papers this year. You would not believe the number of empty boxes I had stored in my walk-in attic. That got cleared the year I retired and I try my hardest to no longer store cardboard boxes.

  6. The snow looks lovely and the snowfall we had here in Nashua, NH, wasn't as much and aside from some grassy areas and snow plowed piles is nearly gone, but more is predicted for late Sunday. Sorry to read about the toe bump and the same happened to me a couple of weeks ago, and as you said it self-heals in time. I'm not sure HOW paper multiplies into clutter, but it does and I am also working on not keeping as much around as in the past.

  7. BRRR-cold snow! I rarely go on a walk when it's in the 30s due to my asthma! Sorry that you broke your toe~ouch!!! I ran into something with light weight socks on, still a bit of pain but it went away! I went through some papers by my desk and got rid of some magazines that are old in living room. That's what happens when I am home for 2nd day of work due to not feeling good. Today better then Thursday. Take care and heal well,Becky

  8. Chicken soup is the perfect thing for cold winter days! I am making some today! Jack is a cute supervisor! :)

  9. That toe looks painful. I'm sorry you have one more thing to add to the list of 'hurts'. Your soup looks so delicious it made me crave homemade chicken soup. Yesterday, I cooked some chicken thighs and today I have carrots, onions, celery, and potatoes in the crock pot. All cooking away with the chicken. Love a homemade dish of soup during winter.


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