Monday, November 7, 2016


I have had a rough time of it, but today I am feeling much better.  Very tired though.  I spent most of the day sitting on the sofa, watching Hallmark Christmas movies and knitting on a shawl I am making myself for Christmas.  I have watched several videos on youtube on knitting shawls and found some very easy and pretty patterns.  They are so easy that I can remember the pattern without writing it down and I am just going with it.  I did so much knitting today that I have it over half done.  I'm using up leftover yarn and I won't have enough of this one color so I don't know whether to make it smaller or to make it two colors.  I will have to see how big it is when I get to the end of the ball.  I just finished a scarf for myself too.  I have so many odds and ends of yarn that I am trying to use it all up.

Joe is still very sick.  He has a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning.  I'm glad.  He really needs some medication to knock it out of him.  I don't need to get it back.

We will go to vote before we head out for the doctor's office tomorrow.  I will be so glad to vote and get this election over with.  I have never been so glad in my entire life to be over with an election.  I don't want to hear another campaign ad for the rest of my life.  This has been the most awful Presidential election.  I have read over my ballot (including the questions), have made up my mind, and just want to go into the booth, press the buttons and pull the lever.  I think if anyone starts to hand me literature on the way into the building I'm liable to scream at them.  And I have never been this way before ever.

The one thing I did do today was go out in the yard and straighten it up a bit.  I will finish it up tomorrow.  It was a little chilly out there.  I guess I should have put on my coat.  Our bird feeder from last year broke so Joe and I bought one when we were at Lowes the other day.  It was expensive, but was the last one they had and was marked down 75% to where it was very affordable.  It has a section in the middle for seed and then a basket on each side for suet.  Joe filled it up and we hung it on a branch from one of our trees.  I haven't seen any birds there yet, but I'm sure it will attract them soon.

I also took the insulated cat house we have and moved it to where I saw the strays had made a nest.  I cleared the table and chairs off of the patio and put the bench and two plastic chairs there along with two little tables and two lanterns.  The table and chairs is now in the grass part with plants and things on the table.  The gazing ball is back in place.  I still have some things to do like put up the garden flag and cleaning junk off of the patio, but it's looking good.

I'll have better pictures tomorrow.  I was going to get rid of those blue chairs because they are very uncomfortable, but the stray cats like to climb up on them and sleep there.  I guess they feel they are like hammocks.

Just as I thought my geranium bloomed again.  It has a couple more buds on it, but I think it's too cold for them to bloom now.

 Also a marigold came up in one of my flower beds.  I don't know where it came from since I didn't plant it.  But it's pretty.

I really wanted to mow the grass and weed the flower beds, but have decided to just let it go until the spring.  How strange that sounds.

Last Saturday Carolyn and I went to the last Farmer's Market for the season.  They will start again in December but with only minimal winter crops like potatoes, onions, beets, carrots... root vegetables.  And greens like cabbage and kale.  You really eat in season when you buy from a farm.  I think it's healthier that way.

Here's my haul from the farm this week.

Small Yukon Gold potatoes, sweet potatoes, two Gala apples, a red onion and a bottle of "Joe Tea" iced tea for... of course... Joe.  He said it was good.

Here's three more Hallmark movies I watched:
"My Summer Prince" (2016).  Mandy Cooper is a young executive assistant aspiring to become a PR executive. She gets an opportunity to develop her skills in Greenbriar, Idaho. In that small town, Prince Colin of Edgemere, a handsome British monarch with a history of scandalous behavior, is arrested for defacing a landmark while making a public appearance. Things get complicated after Mandy sets out to repair Colin's image, and the young publicist wonders if she can save her own reputation and still have a chance at summer love.

"Autumn in the Vineyard" (2016).  Frankie Baldwin is determined to turn Sorrento Ranch into an award-winning winery and Nate DeLuca shares the same dream. But they don't exactly have a trusting relationship ever since Nate embarrassed her with a kiss in front of the entire town.

"Harvest Moon" (2015).  When her family goes
bankrupt, a city girl travels to the country to try and fix up a struggling pumpkin farm that her father bought as an investment to get her money back. Not everyone is on board with her changes, least of all the handsome farm manager. By working with what she knows best, she turns the struggling farm around while also falling in love. 

So now I think you are all caught up.  As I said, most of my time has been spent sleeping and watching movies.  I guess I needed the sleep or I wouldn't have slept so much.  Hopefully I will post again tomorrow with pictures of the finished yard.

Sunrise:  6:37 a.m.
Sunset:  4:51 p.m.
10 hours and 14 minutes of daylight
Temperatures:  56*/36* 


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better and pray Joe will get better soon! I cleaned my bathroom the last couple days. Tonight I cut off a few stems from my hydrangea that's turning maroon in color. It blooms white and turned color as the weather got cooler. I enjoy the color and it will be nice dried in my glass jar. I need to get some branches into the yard debris bin soon. Not big ones but enough to get off the lawn from the wind we had a few weeks ago. Always something to do. Feel much better soon and thanks for sharing the goodies you bought at the market! Happy week, Becky

  2. Hi Kathy, just caught up with your blog and it looks as if retirement is suiting you. Sorry to read that you've not been too well, lets hope things are now on the up.

  3. Hi Kathy, love the pictures. So glad you are better. Hope Joe gets some meds that will help him. I like that you still have flowers blooming. Girl, I am thrilled we voted this morning. We prayed before leaving the house. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. Hi Kath!! I am sorry you are still not feeling well. Hope they can figure out what is going on with Joe and that he gets better soon, too. Crazy year for things. I have never learned to knit or crochet and always thought I would. My grandmother did both beautifully. My mom did, too.
    I have been watching a movie late at night after I climb in bed to 'ease' myself to sleep. I usually fall asleep about 2/3 of the way
    Praying for our country tonight...and I know you are, too. xo Diana

  5. I am sorry that you have been feeling poorly. I have been nauseated for a week and finally yesterday I got as sick as I have been for a while. Alan took me to the ER last night. They gave me a pill to stop the vomiting and today I am wiped out. This stuff must be going around. I hope that Joe gets some meds to help him too! Take care!

  6. Sorry to hear both you and Joe have been ill. I do hope you start feeling better very soon. The family here have all been sick as well and I fear, I'm starting to get what everyone else has had. I'm curled up on the sofa with tea, crackers and Netflix! :)


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