Sunday, February 14, 2016


I am writing this pretty early in the morning while I still have time.  There is so much to do today.  We are having our second annual Friendship Feast after church today.  I made 5 lbs. of potato salad last night.  This morning I am making green bean casserole.  I know my one friend is bringing pork and sauerkraut and another fried chicken.  There is going to be homemade pound cake and Valentine cookies.  Mashed rosemary sweet potatoes and garden salad.  Meatball sliders and spinach pie.  We eat good over there!  I will be taking pictures and share them with you tomorrow.

On Friday my friend Genny and I went to church and decorated for the feast.  What I didn't think of, she did.  What she didn't think of, I did.  We worked so well together and the place looks beautiful.  We can't wait for the people coming to see how pretty it is.

We have white tablecloths and balloons on each table.  We decorated the bulletin board and put up a "Welcome" sign next to it spelled out on hearts.  There are a couple of heart wreaths on the walls and heart tablecloths, plates and cups on the serving tables.

It's hard to see in the picture but the wall says "Love God With All Your Heart".  The puffy velvet roses are for the ladies to take home.
 It is freezing here.  Well, actually it's below freezing.  As I write this at approximately 6:20 a.m. the temperature is 9*F (-13*C) and feels like -7*F (-22*C).  The predicted high today is 21*F (-6*C).  Not fun, friends.  Especially for someone like me with cold induced asthma.  Last year when we had this luncheon it was very cold too.  Maybe we should rethink this.

Because we are having "dinner" at church today I made Joe his Valentine's dinner last night.  I made lamb chops, fingerling potatoes and green beans.  He loved it!
Joe gave me an early Valentine's gift.  Every year he gets me one red rose.  It started on our first Valentine's Day together when he was out of work and all he could afford was one rose.  It has now become a tradition with us and I look forward to my rose.  If you look back you can see all the different roses he's given me over the years.  Here's the rose he gave me this year.

But there was something different this year.  He gave it to me in a beautiful planter.

All the plants are so pretty.  And when it gets larger I can separate the plants and have individual pots.

And now it's off to print up some games and make my casserole.  Then get ready for church and make a run to Rite Aid for prizes.  Yes, I did buy prizes already but even though I've looked for three days I can't find them.  You know I'll find them as soon as I get home today.

Hope you all have a wonderful day today.  I know I will.



  1. beautiful celebration!

  2. Kathy, Love the decorations at church. Joe was very sweet to get you that pretty plant and rose. We are to have snow today and I am not looking forward to that. Take care and stay well. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. I really like the One Rose in all those plants! What a great idea!
    Have a great time at the party. You dressed up the room beautifully.

  4. hope it all turned out ok and you found the prizes you hid. I seem to hide things as well and find them later. Sigh! Sorry it's so cold over there. My bro-in-law and family live in NY state and hear it's very cold there as well. God bless your week!

  5. The feast was so much fun! All of the food was super delicious.The rose Joe gave you is so beautiful! Are those spots on the plant? How interesting! Can't wait to see it grow! Lot of love there. Russ gave me the most romantic & loving card I've EVER gotten.I reread it often,it's that touching.Waiting to see the photos....
    Stay warm! woof


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