Saturday, February 20, 2016


Yes, that's what it's been.  We have had such a hard time getting airline tickets to get to Memphis.  We found out that flying was the only way we could get there in time.  And I'm terrified to fly.  Joe spent a lot of last night on the phone trying to get tickets.  He found out that if we drive two hours to Allentown, PA and fly out of there we save $600/ticket.  Allentown is a two hour drive from here.  We have a plane that will take us to Philadelphia where we have a two hour layover and then board a plane in Philadelphia (the same plane we would have to pay more for) to fly us to Memphis.  Does any of that make sense?  We will get to Memphis tomorrow afternoon.  We have a rental car and a hotel room although D.J. wants us to stay with him and his girlfriend.  We feel that we want our privacy and we're less than a mile from his house so that we can easily spend most of the time with him.

The viewing is Monday from 5-7.  The funeral is Tuesday 11 a.m.  We are leaving Wednesday morning and it's a LONG flight home.  We have a layover in Charlotte, NC.

Fortunately our house will not be empty.  We have friends coming over to take care of Snowy.  Snowy is still not doing well and we are worried about leaving her alone.

We have been running all day.  We started out at Rite Aid getting a few things we needed.  Then we headed over to Target.  Joe got a black suit coat to go with his gray pants.   I got a new black top because my black tops have a tendency to get messed up quickly.  I'm always spilling things on myself.

I was feeling sort of sick, so we went home and I laid down for awhile.  A couple of hours later we went out again.  We headed to the bank and then off to visit my friend Carol N. who is recovering from her broken ankle.

I really didn't know where we were going.  I thought I was going the right way, but I wasn't sure.  We stopped into a McDonald's to ask directions and Joe bought dinner.  We were only two blocks from where we needed to turn.

We had a nice visit with Carol and then went to the car to go home.  We got in, started the engine, the interior lights went out and then flashed on again.  Now they won't go out at all!  We were driving home with the lights on and I was having trouble seeing.  So we pulled into a Sunoco station and tried to fix it.  Nothing.  They won't go out for any reason.  So I found a couple pieces of paper in the car and was able to rig a shade that blocked most of the light and we got home that way.

The only thing we could do was disconnect the battery so it wouldn't be dead in the morning.  Joe couldn't do it by himself, so one of our neighbors helped him.  Now in the morning we connect it again, drive to the airport and then disconnect it.  Then when we get back we connect it, drive it home, disconnect it, and the next day we take it to the dealership to see if they can fix it.

So many things are working against us and I keep saying to Joe that maybe we aren't supposed to be going.

I am not taking my laptop with me, so I won't be posting for a few days.  But I will catch up when I get back.  I'm taking my Kindle so I should be able to post on facebook.  It's just too hard to write a whole post on the Kindle.

Please pray for us.  Pray for safety.  I am just not feeling good about this.



  1. You really are having a hard time!I don't understand the airlines either.It seems you fly west to go north.
    Glad you had a nice visit with Carol N. I can't believe your car light! What a pain to have to go through all that on/off. We'll keep you in our prayers for safe travel,your car,Snowy,everything! Praying without ceasing!

  2. Oh, My. I ray you traveling grace and good health and a safe journey, my sweet friend.

    I knew you were going to Tennessee, but didn't think about flying to MEMPHIS! It's probably the most expensive flight in the USA. You seem to have all your arrangements in hand, and for today, I wish you a SMOOOTH journey, with every step quiet and plain, and a light along the way. It's a pilgrimage of sorts, this seeing-someone home, this paying respects to a well-lived life, and I send you all hopes for a simple, faultless path of joy in her having been, of comfort for those who loved her, and a safe journey back home for you.


  3. oh my gosh,, take care, I will keep you in my prayers,

  4. Kathy, Some times honey when it rains , it pours. Good grief , what a mess. Yes, I know what you are saying about the flights.'s all crazy. Seems a big round about way to get there. I will pray for all of you. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. This is a time to find some contentment and not let Satan rule your emotions or thoughts.

  6. I am sorry to hear of all the things that happened, while trying to get ready for the trip south. I will gladly pray for a safe and easy journey for you especially. Let us hear from you when you get back when you can. God bless.

  7. My condolences to you and your family, Kathy. Also hope that Snowy will be feeling somewhat better by the time you return home.


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