Monday, February 29, 2016


As you have gathered from the last few posts although we were away it was by no means a vacation.  It was not a happy time although there were some happy spots here and there. I'm still crying almost every day.  My friends don't seem to understand my sorrow, but my husband does and so does God so I will get through it.  Life goes on and so do I.

On Thursday I slept all day.  Literally.  I got up, had breakfast, laid down and slept from 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Wow!  I don't know if I was that tired or still had the medicine in me.  Maybe both.  But so much for getting the car fixed.  I did make fried rice for dinner because Joe and I were still in an Asian mood from having that wonderful sushi.

On Friday we got up early and took the car into the garage.  We said we would wait while they looked at it.  It turns out the dome lights not turning off was a switch that was easily fixed.  In fact it was fixed in a few minutes.  But...  While they were looking at that they found that the burning we had been smelling on the way home from the airport was a leaking timing belt and one of the motor mounts was loose.  So we left the car there, had our friend Carole pick us up, and headed on home.

It took them all day to fix it.  Carole wasn't able to pick us up to take us back to get the car.  We were going to take a couple of buses up there, but it was only 30*F. and we didn't want to stand on the corner waiting for the bus.  So I called a couple of people.  My friend, Paulette, was home and happy to help us out.

After we got the car and spent even more money (but it had to be done) we decided to go out to dinner.  We ended up at one of our favorite places -- East Coast Wings and Grill.

Joe was watching the lacrosse game on the big screen.

I knew I wanted to get wings and I liked the sound of the flavor of the month.

I chose the Polynesian sauce and it was so good!  Tomato, soy and pineapple is a great combination even if it is a little sticky.

Yum!  I really enjoyed it.

Joe got baby back ribs and boneless wings.

They make their own chips.

Joe enjoyed his dinner too.
I'm so glad we discovered this place.  It's only a few blocks from home and even though it's a chain, this is the only one in Pennsylvania.  It is always packed.  And even though it's a little loud with all the big screens playing different sports, you can still hear each other and have a conversation.

Saturday we took little Snowy to the vet.  It turns out she was running a fever.  She got an antibiotic, a B12 shot to stimulate her appetite, eye drops for her weeping eyes, medicine for her gums and we start her thyroid medicine today.  She is feeling better already because she began eating again.  She has lost 2 1/2 pounds so we want her to gain that back.

Yesterday was church.  It was good to be back and see our friends.  And then in the afternoon it was naptime.  This trip has really taken a lot out of us.  I lost both my VISA card and my new phone yesterday.  I finally found my card in the bag from the vet with Snowy's medicine.  But my phone is still missing.  I think I might have left it over at church so I am taking a run over there today and look.  I can't have lost two phones in one week.

So that brings us up to date.  Today is leap day.  I don't have anything special to do.  I just really need to clean.  I mean REALLY.  So that's what's going to happen.

Until later...



  1. You sound happy to be home.
    That car of yours has been a problem for you guys. I hope this is the final fix!
    Sending you blessing today.

  2. Cars can be so expensive with repairs but the new ones are terribly expensive. .
    You will adjust. It always takes me a few days. It's okay to be sad. Saying goodbye is hard. Hugs

  3. Great news about Snowy! At least she's on the mend. The food looks so delicious. They certainly do serve good size portions. There is no one way to handle the hurt & pain of losing a loved one. It's personal. However you are right;God will lead you through it. Keyword is through. In the meantime,between the car,medicine & all you & Joe have had happen,find time to be good to yourself. Be still & heal. woof!

  4. Glad you are home and hope you found your phone! No fun to lose another one! Phil would have ordered the ribs as well...he's a rib and steak man. Be well and hope your car behaves now without more trips to the mechanic! Have a good week!


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