Friday, July 31, 2015


Since I have put the July Photo Challenge pictures at the end of each post, I thought I would put them all together here.  It's been a lot of fun this month and made me think about everything a little bit.

1.  Outdoors

2.  Flower

3.  Food

4. Sparkle

5. Grass

6. White

7.  Words

8.  Drink

9.  Calm

10.  Busy

11.  Fruit/Vegetable

12.  Soft

13.  Shadow

14.   On the floor

15. Sign

16.  Indoors

17.  On the shelf

18.  Animal/insect

19.  Black and White

20.  Colorful

21.  Red

22.  Tree

23.  An ordinary moment

24.  Close up

25.  Far away

26.  9 o'clock

27.  Cloud

28.  Blue

29.  Flip flops

30.  Shapes

31.  Choose Your Own Theme



  1. Great job Kathy!
    I have enjoyed your interpretation of the words.

  2. Bless your heart! That made it really easy to see them all. I was having such troubles earlier that my iPad stopped allowing me to visit. Unreal. I may have to prove it. Sometimes Blogger gets its knickers in a knot.

    You did a wonderful job on this challenge. When I think about this month's photo challenge, your beach photo comes to mind immediately. I also like that sparkle! And the fruits and veggies and those sunset clouds are stunning! I see that 9:03 is as close as you can get to 9 as well. Ha! Well, I'm over and to see if I can snag a photo of the blue moon. It's just risen above the tree line. Have a great August!

  3. They ALL look fantastic!!! You and your brother are artists behind your cameras!

  4. Kathy, Can you even believe that July is over. It went fast and it was not the best of times. So I am hoping that August will be wonderful . Today has been perfect here. Sunshine and blue skies and low humidity. Blessings for a good evening and wonderful Sunday, xoxo,Susie

  5. All of your photos are great! They went with the themes perfectly. (Your clouds are beautiful! Wow!)

    Sorry I took so long with my final comments! My busy schedule and computer issues made it difficult.


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