Monday, February 2, 2015


This weekend was spent helping my friend and co-worker Diane move.  She bought her first home.  It's so exciting.  What a cute little house too!  Settlement was on Friday and so Saturday and Sunday I was driving her back and forth between her old house (her dad's) and her new house (her own!).  I was the only one helping her, so of course the big stuff didn't come.  But we got a lot of the little stuff moved and are working to get her a mover for the larger pieces.

We are both so tired!  I have only two steps in front of my house and she has 11!  It makes a big difference.  But it will be so cute when she is finished with everything.  She "hired" me as her personal assistant.  Ha, ha!

I thought I would show you some pictures of the place.

The first meal in her new house.  After working for several hours, we went to Sonic and got burgers, hot dogs and drinks.

Here's Diane looking out her front window.  I love that window.  She has a little front porch, too, just perfect for a couple of rocking chairs, and a table where she can sit out.

This is the view out of her front window.  There were a few of these little trees with some kind of red foliage on them.  They were so pretty.

There is a playground across the street from her house which will be cool for her granddaughter to play in when she comes to visit.

These trees are along the side of the playground.  They are bare now, but I bet they are beautiful in the spring, summer and especially fall.

Diane has lots of plants.  Here are some that she put in the front window.

And others over the kitchen sink.  I love the wide windowsills she has.  And with all the plants around it looks so cozy.

This is her little Muffin.  Muffin moves a lot so it was hard to get a picture of her which was not blurry.  Muffin is the sweetest cat ever!  Except for Snowy of course.

She has a couple of cat clocks.  This is my favorite, though.  It's hanging in the kitchen.  The bottom is a pendulum which swings back and forth which is why it is blurry.  It has a little kitten hanging on the end.

 By dinner time we were beat.  Joe ordered pizza and chicken for us and by the time we got to my house it was waiting for us.  We worked about 10 hours on Saturday.  All my muscles hurt.  I'm so out of shape.  But some Tylenol made me feel much better.

After we ate we took Diane home.  This is such a good picture of it at night.
 Sunday I went over again after church and we ran some errands to get her things like a gate to keep her dogs in the kitchen, a trash can, a recyle bucket.  You don't realize how much you need until you start going for something and it isn't there.

It's going to be months going through her stuff at the old house and moving it over, but at least it's a start for now.

I love helping people out and this is going to be fun helping her get her house set up.



  1. Her new house looks so cute! The porch will be great to sit out in.I agree with the wide windowsills;look so cozy with the plants.Muffin is adorable! Think she'll end up napping in the sun on the windowsill? Ha ha !
    You are such a great friend,helping everybody. I'm glad you're mine.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Oh the excitement of a new home!
    You are the kind of friend everyone would love to have.
    Bless you!

  3. What a wonderful friend you are!! And the plants and cat already add enough charm to live nicely with until all the other stuff can be brought home.

    Hope you're staying well and warm!

  4. Her new house looks lovely and you are such a good friend, to help move and set up what you could. Hope she can get some 'heavy lifters' soon to move the rest of her things.

  5. I love her house, TOO!!! Glad she had YOU! Moving must be exciting! I have done very little of it in the last 50 years! I'm glad......

  6. how nice of you to help your friend move. I like her house and a porch would be nice to have as well. I am sure there will be friends/neighbors to help get the big stuff moved. You are a good friend!!! Take care!

  7. Moving is hard enough, but when a friend is there to help it doesn't seem as bad...but still lots of hard work. Glad your friend will have movers do the heavier stuff or you might need a bottle of Tylenol, Cathy.


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