Monday, February 9, 2015


Looking over things I realized that I never posted this last month.  So here is January's reading list.

ANGELS AT THE TABLE by Debbie Macomber (2012)
In this joyous and whimsical holiday novel, #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber rings in the season with the return of Shirley, Goodness and Mercy, delivering love, laughs and a charming dose of angelic interventions.

Shirley, Goodness and Mercy know that an angel's work is never done, especially during a time as wondrous as New Year's Eve.  With an apprentice angel, Will, under their wings, they descend upon Times Square in New York City eager to join in the festivities.  And when Will spies two lonely strangers in the crowd, he decides that midnight is the perfect time to lend a heavenly helping hand.

Lucie Farrara and Aren Fairchild meet after banging into each other -- seemingly by accident -- in Times Square on New Year's Eve.  They immediately hit it off and find they have a lot in common.  But just as quickly as they're brought together, another twist of fate tears them apart, leaving Lucie and Aren with no way to reconnect.

A year later Lucie is the chef of an acclaimed new restaurant and Aren is a successful columnist for a major New York newspaper.  For all the time that's passed, the two have not forgotten their serendipitous evening -- and neither have Shirley, Goodness, Mercy and Will.  To reunite the young couple, the angels cook up a brilliant plan:  mix true love, a second chance, and a generous sprinkle of mischief to create an unforgetable Christmas miracle.

I love Debbie Macomber's angel books.  My friend, Debbie, introduced me to her writing with one of the angel books and she has been a favorite author of mine ever since.  This book was a Christmas gift a couple of years ago and I just now got around to reading it.  It was so cute and so enjoyable.  I love books that are just a good story.

This incredible cookbook showcases more than 90 deletable yet doable dishes and drinks created by an array of talented kitchen stars.

Celebrity Chefs is filled with many delicious recipes  Start with the flavorful appetizers that will create a memorable beginning to a meal, such as Emeril Lagasse's Herbed Goat Cheese Buttons.  There are fabulous salads and soups you won't want to miss, like Lidia Bastianich's Mussel Super Soup, Rick Bayless' Spinach Salad with Bacon & Roasted Mushrooms, Carla Hall's Winter Salad with Pears, Aged Cheddar & Almonds, and Marcus Samuelsson's Farro & Orange Salad.  The entrees feature mouthwatering pastas and risottos, fish and seafood, poultry and meat, as well as terrific side dishes to pair them with.  They include Mark Bittman's Pasta with Funghi Trifolati, Ree Drummond's Comfort Meatballs, Bobby Flay's Pulled Pork with Black Pepper Vinegar, Amanda Freitag's Strip Steak with Herb Butter & Tomatoes, and Wolfgang Puck's Shepherd's Pies with Lamb. And you'll find luscious desserts to bring any meal to a memorable close, such as Todd English's Apple Crepes.  This book also includes wine and food pairings by bestselling wine author Kevin Zraly, along with cocktail recipes from top restauranteurs and mixologists.

The remarkable chefs and recipes in this cookbook have appeared in the pages of Cosmopolitan, Country Living, Esquire, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Town & Country, and Woman's Day magazines.

With helpful cooking tips from the chefs and gorgeous color photos, here is a recipe collection you'll enjoy and refer to time and again.

Yes, I am one of those people who actually read cookbooks.  There is so much I enjoy about doing that.  This one was good.  I copied down the recipes that I thought I would actually make.

AN HONEST LOVE: A Hearts of Middlefield Novel
by Kathleen Fuller  (2010)

Carefree Elisabeth Byler doesn't always fit the mold of a serious-minded Amish girl, but she loves the Amish faith and is excited to join the church.  When Elizabeth accidentally winds up in harm's way, Aaron Detweiler must forgive himself for a mistake he made as a teenager and use that experience to help save Elisabeth.

Elisabeth's brother, Lukas Byler, is the man of Anna Esh's dreams, and he's asked her to marry him.  But Anna has a secret she can't bring herself to reveal -- there's a real possibility she will not be able to bear children.  She knows how much having a family means to Lukas, yet her fear of losing him trumps her good judgment.  Although she knows she should tell Lukas before the wedding, Anna fears that once he  learns of her deception, the man she loves with all her heart will no longer love her.

Another good Amish book.  Although I enjoy reading this genre, I found this one rather confusing.  There were two "romances" going on at the same time.  I kept getting the names mixed up and wondered why Lukas was talking to Elisabeth about another woman and then realized (again!) that they were brother and sister.  In spite of my confusion, it was a good story.  I am going to try another of Kathleen Fuller's books to see if it was the way she wrote or if it was me causing the mix up.


  1. Again, great book reviews.
    And I see you are ready for Valentines's Day!

  2. I too love to read and have about 200 books on my Kindle. If I live long enough to read them all, that will be an accomplishment! I dont cook, so glad that you do enjoy those books.

  3. Kathy, I too enjoy reading cookbooks whenever I get the chance haha... I have tons I need to re-read .. My in laws always give me one for Christmas...I also read decorating books, and home up grading ones too but lately I have to say I am enjoying books on mothering :) Kathy, I'm loving your hearts on your blog so neat!
    Xo Marissa

  4. The Macomber angel books always make me smile,proving nobody's perfect! Ha ha! I'm glad you like to read cookbooks. With me,it's dog books. Facts,stories whatever. There are books for each of us!

  5. I enjoyed watching a couple of Debbie Macomber movies from her books. This one sounds great and I bet Hallmark Channel turns it into a movie soon. I love to read cookbooks, I read them as if they were a novel! haha


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