Friday, February 13, 2015


On Wednesday I was off from work to take Joe to his doctor's appointment.  When we came home, Joe went upstairs to take a nap.  In a rare show of independence Snowy did not follow him.  She laid on the chair by the front window.

I began talking to her and petting her and she began her LOUD purring.  Folks, I have never heard a cat purr as loudly as Snowy does.  The vet even had to put his hand over her mouth to stop her because he could not hear her heart the last time we visited him.  I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of her.  I changed the settings and took others.  Close-ups.  Distance.  Angles.  She posed so nicely for me.  I must have taken 50 or 60 pictures of her. 

A lot of them were unusable because she was moving and they were a big blur.  But others came out just beautiful.  So for your viewing pleasure today I am going to show you Miss Snowy's photoshoot. Oo la, la!  The next time I do this I think I will try to dress her up.  If she'll let me, that is.  You know who's the boss of the two of us!

Her right eye is green and her left eye is blue.


  1. Your Snowy looks so much like our Maddie! Today LD and I are going to clip Maddie's claws. Would you believe those acrylic claw covers are still on? A couple have come off and her back claws need clipping so I guess we'll be giving her a claw job all around today! Maddie does NOT drink water from a wine glass like Maggie did and she is not as insistent about walking all over us when we are sleeping! We are sure loving our little whit cat! Glad to see the pics of yours!

  2. Oh, My Goodness, Kathy! I think we are Kitty-Kin! My Mammaw had several long-haired Persians all the years that I knew her, She'd given away those beautiful kittens all over the county---everybody wanted one. And they every one had one blue eye and one green.

    The old guys on the Town Bench always said, "If they got both green, they can't hear." But you never could have proved that by ours, for they all bred true to those Harlequin eyes.

    When she passed away, we had no trouble at all giving them to new, welcoming homes, and I imagine that that small town is still sporting quite a few of those regal white lovelies. They were like the County Mascot, and well loved.

    What a beauty your Snowy is, and so poised and photogenic. Hope all of you are staying well and warm!


  3. Snowy is a beautiful cat, I love her blue and green eyes. Happy Valentine's Day to you amd Joe.

  4. Snowy would fit right in with the weather conditions here in New England..only problem is you might not find here until spring time! How nice of her to let you take her photos, but getting her to dress up will be a challenge :-)

  5. I am a cat lover too, and she is beautiful. Enjoyed your pictures.

  6. So elegant! The camera adores her. You were able to get some great shots. As far as dress-up? She may have to think about it & get back to pearls?


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