Monday, December 1, 2014


I'm turning the page to the last month of this year.  It's Christmas.  It seems that Christmas is celebrated for a whole month.  To my way of thinking, that's as it should be.

Our calendar page shows the word "Noel".  I wondered about the origin of that word, so went to and found this meaning:

Our modern English word comes from the Middle English nowel, which Webster's 1828 Dictionary defined as “a shout of joy or Christmas song.” The roots of the word are the French noel (“Christmas season”), which may come from the Old French nael. This, in turn, is derived from the Latin natalis, meaning “birth.”

Wonderful! I love finding out the etymology of words.  I like that it means "a shout of joy".  Isn't that we should all be doing?  Shouting for joy at the coming of our Lord Jesus.  I think all believers will be doing that when He raptures  His Church.
The carol "The First Noel" makes sense to me now.  "The first shout of joy the angels did say was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay."

I'm sorry to say that to many people (most people?) Christmas is just a time to buy gifts and get gifts.  They don't worship.  They don't even think about what we are celebrating.  Christmas has become a gigantic shopping season and winter celebration.  I think of communist Russia where Christmas was taken over as a Winter Festival with snowflakes and snowmen taking center stage.  That's the way the world would have it. 

I'm so glad that there is more to Christmas than trees, lights and gifts.  I'm so glad that God loved the world enough to send Jesus to us.  He's the very best gift.

Noel!  Let's shout our joy to the world at this season.  Noel!


  1. Shout it from the mountains!!!Jesus Christ is born. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. Amen! Couldn't have said it better myself.

  3. Hello, greetings

    Very informative post. Noel is a word shrouded in mystery to me and now you have very clearly demystified the world to me. This is a happy month. As you have said most people associate Christmas with dressing up, drinking, dancing eating and merry making. The focal point of Christmas is the birth of Jesus who took human form to save mankind. God loved humans very much. Before Jesus God sent many prophets to instruct and guide us. But we, humans rejected them. So finally God sent His only Begotten Son in human form to redeem mankind.
    Best wishes

  4. OH Kathy - what a beautifully written post!! I love so much...well...all of what you said! I had forgotten the exact meaning of Noel...or at least hadn't heard the shout of joy part before - I love that!!! I pray this Christmas season brings your much joy as you celebrate the birth of our Saviour!!


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