Friday, December 12, 2014


This was a short (and sort of strange) week at work.  I worked on Monday, had a vacation day on Tuesday to spend with my sister who was visiting, worked on Wednesday, had a sick day on Thursday and now I am working on Friday.  I will have the weekend off and then have a fairly normal week next week.  Except I will have Friday off because I am working on Saturday.  So I have worked every other day this week.  So glad I was able to keep track of what day it is!

I had a fun day on Tuesday even though it wasn't what we had planned.  It began with me trying (the operative word is trying) to clean up the house.  I work so hard on it and it still looks a mess.  And I do mean a mess.  But I am not giving up.  I figure if I can just get it looking good I will be able to keep it that way.  But I digress.

When Elaine showed up we ran a couple of errands and then decided to go to find what we thought was a new Lenox outlet.  I drove all the way to Bristol, PA only to find out that the address I had was the main offices.  No outlet.  The next closest outlet was another half hour away.  I didn't have time to do that because I had a doctor's appointment at 2 p.m.  So we turned around and came back home.  An hour's drive for nothing.

We ended up at Dollar Tree where we both found things for Christmas.  I love dollar stores.  The only thing wrong is you spend so much money because everything is a good deal!  I got candy canes, little boxes and gift bags, bows, tape, a pair of Christmas socks and some other assorted things.  A couple of stocking stuffers too.  Plus I found some Marie Callendar's blueberry muffin mix which I will make up for Fellowship Time on Sunday morning.  Good deal -- $2 for a dozen muffins.  I couldn't get them in a store for that.  I also got two stockings to decorate with -- one for me and one for Joe.  Aren't they just too cute?

Then we came home to use the bathroom and went to my doctor's appointment.  We got there at 2:00 and no one was there.  In fact, no one came into the office until 2:30 and my doctor not until 2:45.  That was so ridiculous.  There was nobody there when we first walked in but other people came while we were waiting -- one for a 2:15 appointment and the other for a 2:30 appointment.  Everyone was complaining.  I wasn't too happy about it either.  I was going to walk out at 2:30 if no one had showed up.  Elaine waited in the outer room while I went into the office.  The stories she told me when I came out about the people in the waiting room were hilarious.  I told her that living away from the city for so long she had forgotten what Philly is like.  People are so funny.

It was freezing cold and raining like crazy all day so it's just as well we didn't take the long trip we had planned out to Lancaster County.

By this time it was getting on to 3:30 p.m. so we opted for an early dinner.  I went to the bank and then to the eye doctor to get my glasses fixed.  The nose piece had come off both my glasses and my spare.  Weird, I know.  So I got them fixed.  Then we headed for the Country Club Restaurant for dinner.

The dinner was so good.  I had chicken francaise, Elaine had flounder francaise and Joe had veal parmigiana.  Elaine and Joe had dessert, but I was stuffed.  I asked for cookies to take home since dessert came with the meal.

On the way home we stopped by Greeby Street.  There is a block on this street that decorates so elaborately for Christmas.  I wanted Elaine to see it.  We both got out and took pictures.  Joe opted to stay in the car since it was still raining.  Elaine's pictures turned out better than mine.  A lot of mine were blurry.  But here are some of the ones I took.  Consider them this week's Friday View.

The last 13 pictures were taken from the Greeby Street Christmas facebook page where there are even more pictures if you want to look at them.  It's incredible.

Yesterday I went for my six-month checkup with my oncologist.  Everything is good.  Yay!  But the entire drive there and back was snow.  At least it was the kind of snow I like.  It looks pretty coming down.  Sticks a little bit to the grass, and is gone by the end of the day.  No slick sidewalks or streets.  It was coming down good there for awhile.

So that has been my interesting week.  Let's see what the weekend brings.  One more day until two days off!



  1. Greeby Street is a very colorful place! Do you visit Creekside Cottage? I think Mrs. Rabe lives down your way. Oh I know what you mean about good deals and spending too much money.

  2. The lights are so pretty, but I wouldnt want their light bill! Glad you got to spend time with your sister.

  3. Yes, the Dollar Tree is a great place but I need to take a $10 bill in with me and leave my wallet home! haha. Photos of the Christmas lights are beautiful. There is a section in Brooklyn, over the bridge from me, that goes all out. I can't imagine what their electric bills look like.

  4. Wow! Beautiful light display.The photos are awesome. I agree about the electric bill but think of the joy they bring to the people who see them. ...Glad you had a great time with Elaine.LOVE the stockings!
    Yay for oncologist results!! What a gift!

  5. Hello, lovely colorful lights and an interesting account of your week. It appears to me that you had a busy but enjoyable week. Best wishes

  6. The lights are all gorgeous! WOW! And I hope this next week goes better for you. You are more patient than most people! Happy holiday my friend! Hugs, Diane


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