Friday, December 5, 2014


I know I've been missing in action this week.  Life just happens, folks and sometimes it isn't worth writing about.  Joe and I are fighting colds and sore throats and earaches.  Not fun.  But we're pushing on trying to get ready for Christmas.  Not much done.  Not many gifts bought and no cards out.  And only three weeks to go.  Yikes!  Decorating and cards are on my agenda today. I promise to take pictures as I go so you can see I really am getting the house together.  (I hope.)

But in the meantime I thought I would do a Friday View post for you.  Back in September Joe and I were at our local Rite Aid.  When we came out we saw this old car in the parking lot.  Lots of people were taking pictures of it.  We walked over because I knew I had to get a picture for the blog.  The gentleman who owned it was there so I asked permission and he was happy to give it to me.  He was so nice and was answering all the questions the people were asking about the car.  When his wife came out he cranked the engine (literally) and they got in and took off, with his wife waving to the people like a queen.  Later by comparing pictures I realized it was the same car I had showed in a previous post of the people that live down the street from my girlfriend, Debbie.  Small world.

He said the car was from 1925.  It's in perfect condition down to the carpet on the floor.  He must have put a lot of work into the restoration.

The gentleman said that the reason there are two sets of headlights is because they weren't sure the "new-fangled" electricity would actually work so besides the large electric lights, there were smaller gas lights.  Just in case. 

Isn't this great?  I knew you would love to see it.



  1. That car puts a smile on my face every time I walk down the street & see it. Knowing something like that is still around...It is always shiny & clean. It is hard to believe that Christmas is so close. We're working on cards too. Sometimes the day just gets away from you....
    Remember to enjoy the now!!

  2. Kathy, I do love this car. I appreciate every thing a person goes through to restore old cars/trucks. Hoping you and Joe get back to good health. xoxo,Susie

  3. Hi Kathy! Oh, what a marvelous old car! My hubby adores these things. I'm so sorry you and your hubby are not feeling well. I have the cold too and just can't shake it! Take care and Christmas will wait on you.
    Thank you always for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,

  4. What a beautiful old car. The restoration he did looks incredible.

  5. Hello Kathy, greetings and good wishes.

    Lovely old car and excellent photos. I wonder if this car can withstand the present day road condition. Definitely not in India because the roads are not so good.

    This car is a treasure representing our past life style.

    We have surely progressed a lot from the hard but enchanting old days.

    Christmas is fast approaching. We have to put up a Christmas tree, few stars and decorative lights.

    I hope you and Joe will get well fast to enjoy Christmas.

    Best wishes


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