Monday, July 30, 2012


Welcome to day two of vacation.  I got up early and did some more cleaning before leaving for church.  Joe was not feeling well and stayed home.  He has not been doing too well these days.

After church I did some more cleaning.  Oh my, there is so much to do around here.  I hadn't finished when my sister showed up.  So that's the end for today.

We went to Bristol, PA to the King George II Inn for dinner.  It's where I went to dinner on my birthday.  You can read about it here. 

The atmosphere is great.  It is an actual 300 year old building which has always been an inn.  The food is so exceptionally good.  Elaine, Larry and Marion had the crab cakes, Rich had pasta, I had meat loaf and Kim had prime rib.  For appetizers we had mini pierogies, lime and chili humus with pita wedges and crab dip with soft pretzels to dip into it.

Today was also Puerto Rican Day in Bristol.  We were watching all the activities in the park across the street from our table in the restaurant.

We had quite a crowd.  Here's my brother Larry and his wife, Kim.

Everyone ordered creme brulle for dessert.  The waitress overheard us talking and brought one with a candle for Elaine.

Our friend, Marion, really enjoyed her dessert.  No wonder, it was good!

This is Marion's husband, Rich.

The waitress saw us taking pictures and offered to get a group shot.  So nice of her!  It turned out a little dark because we were by the window, but it's still good.

After we finished eating we were looking around the building.  We went into the private dining rooms they had.  If I were ever holding a small party, this is the place I'd go to.  This is the President's Room.

And here's the Lincoln Room.

 When we went outside we decided to take pictures by the sign.  Here's the group with me.

And here's the group with Elaine.

We headed over to the park to take some pictures and went out onto the pier.  It was beautiful  You could hear all the music and the weather was perfect.  In the park itself there were lots of booths/tents with people selling all kinds of food and crafts.

This is the bank of the Delaware River.  I never knew it was so rocky here.

Another view of the Delaware River with Burlington, NJ in the background.

There were some ducks in the river.  They were so cute and fun to watch.

These two motor boats kept going up and down the river.  I was lucky enough to get them just as they crossed each other's paths.  The island in the background is Burlington Island.  It has a small amusement park and a marina on the other side.

Marion has been a friend of ours since she and I were in fourth grade together.  We wanted to get a picture of the three of us together.  How funny that all of us chose to wear black and white to dinner.

It was getting late and as much as we wanted to stay listening to the music on the water, it was time to go home.  Here is a picture of the street where we parked.  Such pretty houses.

I called Joe before we left and he asked me to bring him home a sandwich.  So I stopped at Wawa and got him a hoagie.  So sad he was not feeling well enough to come.

These are less than half of the pictures I took, but I didn't want to overwhelm you.  So much to see and do in Bristol.  All in all today has been a great day.




  1. Friends, family, fun, food...
    sounds like a great day!

  2. The food sounds delicious! The dining rooms you pictured are GORGEOUS! I can see why it's popular.The black & white was a cool thing.Looks like a good time was had by all!

  3. What a FABULOUS day!!! Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing. Sorry Joe wasn't able to make it. I know you missed him like crazy. Sounds like you all still had a blast though.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacay friend!!

  4. It was acturly 3rd graid. You were trancfered into my class after your class was disbanded.and sat next to me. My mother acturly knew your grandmother and Elaine from when she would bring me to kindergarten. She always asked if you were in my class and if I knew you. Who knew that 3 years later we would become life long friends. I am always thankful for that and consider both you and Elaine more like sisters. Hope you 2 are haveing a good time and I am praying for Joe to get better.


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