Friday, July 6, 2012


Another Friday has come and (almost) gone.  How can time fly by so quickly?  It just seems to go faster every week.

This has been quite a week at work.  Yesterday was horrendous!  So many people came in and EVERYONE had a problem.  And strange, strange problems.  Most days we have 15 phone calls.  Yesterday 32.  Today... almost no one came in.  Almost no phone calls.  Go figure.

Home, well, the house is a MESS.  But who has the energy to clean after working all day at work.  I am keeping up with the dishes, the bathroom and the wash so that is something.  Tomorrow I plan on getting up early and getting a lot done before noon when it will get really hot.  We are supposed to go up to 103* here with a heat factor of 115*.  I am NOT looking forward to that.

The only place I am going tomorrow is to get my hair cut.  I will take before and after pictures to show you.  I have let my hair get really long.  I like it, but in this heat it is just too much.  I go to a place in the neighborhood called "Mane Connection".  I am having a new hairdresser tomorrow, so I'm not really sure what to expect.  But it is a good place, so I'm confident it will be fine.  I will be glad to get rid of my "blanket" of hair laying on my neck.

I have a strange Friday View for you this week.  Now you will know how my mind really works.  I had two rubber bands laying on my desk.  Somehow they reminded me of a foot (or paw) and a shoe.  Yes, I know I'm weird.  But see what you think.
Strange isn't it.  If you see the men in white coats, you know they are coming for me.


  1. I can see the paw/foot.I must be weird too. I can empathsize on the heat.My hair is braided & pinned up.I'm writing this near 9am on Sat & have already walked the dogs & have wash in. I will probably catch up on my reading thanks to the library!
    Be careful in this heat.

  2. Ha Ha- You do know those men in white coats take you somewhere you can rest and everyone waits on you. Doesn't sound too bad to me!!!

    115- HOLY MOLY!!! I thought I was burning up. I think it's supposed to cool off some here in KY next week and I seriously cannot wait. I love summer but this is too much.

    Can't wait to see your hair. A new do always makes me feel better. Hopefully you will love it

    Stay cool girlie!

  3. Too hot to clean and yes it is def a foot


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