Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Hope all of you are having a better Fourth than I am.  It started out OK, but when I leaned over this morning to put Joe's breakfast plate on the table, my back went out.  Oh!  It is really painful.  I can hardly move.  I had planned to get so much done today, but ended up not doing much of anything due to not being able to move.  As a result I have spent much of the day laying on the loveseat watching TV.

Joe has experienced bad heartburn and now a sore throat and major headache.  What is going on with us?  We are falling apart.

It was a beautiful day, though.  I was able to get a couple loads of wash done and hang it outside in the sun.  I love the way clothes smell when they have been hung on the line.  Now the problem is getting them down and into the house since it is painful for me to carry anything.

I am going to make dinner soon.  We are having hot dogs.  I got some baked beans and will make a quick potato salad.  Joe has an ear of corn left over from dinner last night, so he will probably have that too.  My cooking skills have gone down lately, but it's just been too hot to cook.

I hope I get to see some fireworks tonight.  Sometimes the neighbors set them off and sometimes they don't.  It's illegal to have fireworks (except for the professionals) in Philadelphia, but it's not illegal to sell them.  Figure that one out.  But there is always someone who will set them off irregardless of the law.

I did take a short walk and took some pictures, so I'll end this post with that.

My front door

And my front window

One of the houses across the street

Uncle Sam.  He's not really being held captive, just in the parking lot at the Viet Nam Veterans.  It could be a political statement though.  

At the Viet Nam Veterans' building.

And what's the Fourth of July without a Cherished Teddy?

Hope however you spent the day it was a good one.


  1. Oh no, I hate to hear you are in pain. Lay still lady and let that back heal!

    I agree with you on the cooking part. All we have been doing is eating out lately. My house heats up so bad everytime I turn on the oven. I can't stand it

    Hope youa and Joe had a great 4th. Your door looks so cute and festive!

  2. Love your window!Along with the door your house looks so patriotic.
    Oh Kathy...I feel so sorry about your back.I know how very painful that csn be. Rest up & take it easy.For the back & the heat.
    A thank you to Joe for serving our country.(Sorry it's a day late)

  3. I enjoyed those photos around town! Thanks for sharing! We didn't go out to see fireworks either. People were setting them off all around us though. Some of them you could see through the trees or just above the trees. I hope your back feels a little better today!!

  4. Love your potato salad. I agree with you about coking. It's just too hot. Glade you had a nice 4th and hope you feel better.


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