Thursday, November 3, 2016


My friend Marianne is not a fan of hunting.  I'm not either.  She refers here to the dentist who killed the beloved lion last year.  And blind dates.

July 30
This terrible account of the hunter who killed the lion reminded me of a blind date I had with a hunter only I didn't know it at the time--years ago. I didn't want to go, but family and friends pushed for it saying he seemed like a good match for me. Thirty seconds into meeting him, I knew it was a mistake, and I suggested a means of mutual escape, but he pushed on, so I went, thinking it might be okay after all. 

We sat down in the restaurant and began talking. I asked him what he liked to do for fun. He replied by asking me the same question, so I told him I loved museums, music, the beach, puzzles of all kinds, movies, cooking, baking, active in church and at my life's work, family activities, pretty much anything except sports. His eyes began to glaze over, so I stopped and asked him the question again. He said he liked to shoot deer to relax. He said when he was tense he would go shoot deer, not to eat but just for the thrill of stalking them and killing them. I was horrified, and we had a "discussion" about hunting. 

He noticed I didn't wear makeup. I told him I didn't like it and I was a natural person, what you see is what you get. He replied that any woman could improve her appearance by wearing makeup. I told him that any woman could improve her Sunday afternoon by not going out with a jerk. He responded with telling me I was too outspoken. 

At that point, the water boy who was hovering nearby, turned around and approached our table to fill our water glasses. To my surprise he was one of my kids from the library. He filled my glass and then accidentally on purpose spilled water on my date's pants. Furious, he berated the boy who stood there glaring at him. I told my date it was an accident. He went to the men's room to dry off, and Billy came over to me and said, "Ms. B, I did that on purpose. Get out now while you can! This guy's a jerk. He's no good for you. He did nothing but insult you. Don't you always tell us not to go with people who do that to us? I think you are pretty just as you are and you are very interesting, too. Leave before he gets back!" 

I told Billy I had it under control. I paid for my own meal, the jerk drove me back to my car, I went home, showered to get the stink of that experience off me and bought a piece of gold jewelry! 

I think hunting and killing for sport should be outlawed! So should blind dates! LOL   Love my library kids!

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  1. What a GREAT story. Love the 'accidental spill' from the kid that loved his teacher. lol This was one of the best ones yet, I think. xo Diana

  2. Bravo! I am against hunting more than you know. None of the boys or men in my life hunt....nor did my father or father-in-law. No ma'am no way! Why would your heart be so cold and cruel to destroy a beautiful creature? Love the story Kathy!

  3. what a great story,, a real feel good story for sure,,

  4. Louis Dean only hunts squirrels and that's to protect our pecan trees! Mike is a hunter though. I just try not to think about it!

  5. Love this story! Start my day off with feel-good. While I don't like or approve of hunting,I understand herds need thinning at times. But just for sport? NO WAY!!

  6. Kathy, That was a bummer date. I think I would have left sooner. LOL. But it was sweet what the water boy did for his friend. Hunting serves a purpose at times. Not the killing of the lion ..nothing like that. Blessings, hope you and Joe are doing well. xoxo, Susie


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