Sunday, July 26, 2015


I just could not wake up today.  I was out of it all morning so I didn't get anything done.  But this afternoon I was running all over the place.

I began by going to get my eyes examined.

 I've been going to Eye Options for many years because they are one of the few places that takes my city insurance.  But... they are very good.  I really like Dr. Moore and have been going to her almost the whole time.  One time I went to one of the other doctors in the practice because she wasn't available, and he messed up my glasses something awful.  He had one of the lenses put in sideways and I couldn't see out of it at all.  So now I ask for Dr. Moore each time.

I have been having some trouble seeing out of my glasses and Dr. Moore said both of my eyes have changed.  So I am getting new glasses.  I have had wire frames for years but I couldn't find any that I liked.  I tried many of them.  But I did find one pair of plastic frames.  (I'm very picky about my frames.)  So it will be a whole new look for me and I will post a picture of myself when I get them.

After that I ran some errands while I was out and about.  I got Joe some batteries, went to the bank, got gas, and went to Rite Aid.  Still didn't get any cleaning done.

Tomorrow is going to be such a busy day.  I need to get some sleep tonight because I have to get up early to get everything done before church.

So not much of a first day.  Sort of a same old Saturday.  But tomorrow it starts.

Now for the photo challenge.  The prompt is "far away".  Here is the Delaware River viewed from Bristol, PA.  Burlington, NJ looks very far away across the river.

I'm linking up with Kati and Kati's Little Corner of the World.

Goodnight everyone.



  1. It's hard to get everything done that needs doing!!! We came down to the ranch this afternoon and are enjoying getting away from 'work!' Louis Dean just went outside to sit and called out he saw a falling star! I'm going to go sit with him. Maybe there will be another one......
    Enjoy your week!!!

  2. I think most people who wear glasses are a bit picky about their frames. On the plus side,it's a chance for a new 'look'. Can't wait to see a photo!
    Here's to the start of a grand vacation!! Enjoy!!


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