Wednesday, July 29, 2015


This is an unusual Sisters Week this year.  Elaine went home and I ended up sleeping.  And sleeping and sleeping.  I guess I was worn out.  Very seldom do I sleep all day.  I was shocked when I woke up and it was after 10 a.m.!  But I've been running so much the last two days that I guess I needed it.  I had planned to do so much this week and have done...  nothing!

I keep saying that when I retire the first month will be spent sleeping and getting my health back and then I will get myself on a schedule.  After today I think that is true!

I made French toast for breakfast using that great cinnamon raisin bread I got in Lancaster.  Can I say it was wonderful?  I know it was my own cooking, but I did a great job.  Joe had four slices and I had three.  The bread is over half gone.  That loaf isn't going to get stale.

Snowy doesn't seem to know what to do with me home all day.  She keeps coming up to me and looking at me as if to say, "What are you doing here?"

Since  I did nothing today, I'll just go right to the photo challenge.  The prompt was "flip flops".  I just bought a new pair this summer.  It takes me awhile to break them in, but after awhile it's all I wear around the house.



  1. I have flip flops - Flo Joe's! They are wonderful and look a lot like yours. Although I usually go barefoot in the house or wear socks!
    Never underestimate the need for and the power of SLEEP!!

  2. I think naps (& sleep) are underrated. I heard somewhere that a 15 -20 minute nap mid- afternoon
    sends workers back more refreshed & alert on the job. Kathy, apparently you're doing something healthy!
    Isn't that a thought?
    Enjoy your day!

  3. Blogger is skitzy! Driving me bonkers with the loading and reloading. I once had a pair of flops very like comfortable. Wish I could still wear flip-flops because I used to wear them all the time. Easy!


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