Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Sorry I've been missing in action lately.  Just so much going on with church that I've been so sad.  I'm better now though.  I'm having to make a lot of decisions and once that is done I think I'll get myself back on track.  Work and teaching Bible study yesterday has really helped me.  Dealing with others has taken my mind off of myself.  That's a good thing.

There is one (maybe two) more weeks in the book of Daniel.  I didn't get as much done as I expected to, but that's OK.  I'd rather take my time and we all get something out of it.  Since the last six chapters of Daniel are so full of prophecy I have been teaching in a different way -- more lecture, less discussion.  If I continue (still a big IF), I want to go back to discussion.  I think I know what I am going to do, but I don't want to say yet because I want to pray on it a little more.

Work has been extremely busy.  Diane has been on vacation for a few days so we are down one person.  She is coming back today and Bob is taking off.  So we are still down one.  Actually two since we no longer have our volunteer.  But that's OK.  There's lots to do so the day goes very quickly.  Because there was so much to do, the part-timer was very busy all day on Monday and was so happy.  That's the silver lining to this.

Still no air conditioning at work and I come home soaked every day.  I've taken to getting my shower as soon as I get home instead of waiting till morning.  I need to cool off.  And I'm drinking lots and lots of water all day. 

I am giving my car to Walt and Carole again today.  Still trying to get a cool car for my vacation in two weeks.  So I have to get going and get ready for work.  We are having a thunderstorm right now.  I hate going to work in storms.  But maybe that will keep the people away so that we can catch up on our work!

So here are the three days of the Photo Challenge that I missed.

Day #12 the word was "soft".  Here is a picture of my next-door neighbor's cat, Oreo.  He was a stray like my little Snowy.  We almost took him in but she got him instead.  I'm glad because he is a good fit for her and Snowy is a good fit for us.  But he is very soft.

Day #13 the word was "shadow".  The only shadow picture I could find was one I took of the shadows of the trees in my sister's yard on Memorial Day weekend.

Yesterday was Day #14 and the prompt was "on the floor".  How about the new tile on my kitchen floor?

Now it's off to work.

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  1. Good pictures Kathy. I know you are praying about your church and I pray God gives you answers and peace about it. Maybe the rain will keep people at home, and like you said, give you time to play 'catch up'.

  2. What gorgeous tile, and what I can see of your kitchen is lovely. Ours is done (except they didn't anchor the dishwasher, so it rocks forward when you pull out the rack with anything in it). It's just a disaster downstairs after all this water that came in, but we have five fans, two air cleaner machines and the de-humidifier going THIS MINUTE

    I'm in love with my PINK and white, and hope to have it all JUST RIGHT in the next couple of days.

    Hope you're staying DRY and well.


  3. Kathy, I am praying you don't melt before you can retire...gee-zoo girl, they need to fix the AC. I think you will do well when you always have plenty to do. Many things to stay busy doing. Blessing to you, xoxo,Susie

  4. nice soft looking cat and your floor looks nice. I pray things look up for you about church. Not an easy road when things change. We went through a rough time years ago at one church and decided to leave and found a new church and have been there for 15 years and so glad we did. Stay cool and hopefully the car will get fixed asap!!! take care!

  5. Love the photos! I really like the shadow one,so calm. Oreo does look so soft...Am praying the Lord
    reveals His will to you,granting you peace.

  6. Great way to catch up! Cats are definitely soft, tree shadows are always good, and your new tile looks great.


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