Friday, July 10, 2015


Still no a/c at work or in the car.  There's a SLIGHT chance the car will be fixed soon.  My friends took it again today to try to get the correct part.  It seems someone put a 2007 part in my 2009 car.  While it worked for awhile, it was a different shape and eventually wore down in one part and got destroyed.  Who would look for that under the engine when buying a car?  And would the average person know it was the wrong SHAPE so that it was the wrong part?  Just shaking my head here.  It has become a challenge for my friend, Walt.  He just does NOT want to give up and admit defeat.  He is determined to give me an air conditioned car for my vacation.

Since the weather is cooler today, it is cooler at work too.  It's still warm but at least I'm not covered in sweat today.  I'm sorry but I don't "dew".  I sweat.

Diane is out on vacation today so it is just Bob and Doug here with me.  I like working with all men because there is so much less drama!

I didn't sleep well last night.  The pain in my foot was bad even with Tylenol.  So now I am dozing off at work.  It's my lunch time so that's not too bad, but I hope I don't fall asleep on the desk!

So without further delay let's look at my "calm" photo challenge picture for today.  I took this on the Fourth of July.  Ever see a shot and just know it's going to be a good picture?  This was one of those times and I knew I wanted to use it for today.

I love the evening when people are in their houses, lights are lit and you just wonder what is happening behind those closed doors.  It's a "snuggle up" kind of feeling.  A warmth.  A coziness.  A winding down from the busy-ness of the day.  That's what I feel looking at this picture.  The perfect shot for a calm photo challenge.

I'm linking up with Kati at Kati's Little Corner of the World for this July photo challenge.



  1. I like how you describe the mood of your photo! I feel that same way. I always enjoy seeing the lights through the windows!
    Hope you get your car fixed! We're having car trouble too! I have no clue what goes on under the hood!!!

  2. Glad it is.cooler where you are as well. We had a lovely like day in Oregon without the heat we have had lately. So glad you have a friend to fix your car a/c. Nice night photo. Hop over my post as there is a giveaway. Happy weekend.

  3. You described your photo perfectly! I can almost feel the peace.....Give Walt credit for persistence.
    I would have no idea to look for a 'shape' either. Sorry to hear about your foot.Will be praying for that & the AC. Love you!

  4. What a great friend to help you with the AC!
    I often wonder about who lives in the homes with "the lights on" as I walk or drive in a neighborhood.
    Yes, your picture is very calming. My eye gravitates to the white house with the one window, that is lit up.

  5. Your picture is calming for sure. Sure hope your foot gets better must be hard working, having to stand on it, etc. Now about the need it badly, both at work and in the car. Have a restful Saturday evening.

  6. The description of calm is wonderful!


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