Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I'm actually going to post on the correct day.  That's unheard of.  Ha, ha.

Went back to work today.  It was OK.  Very busy.  We got our second virtual card today.  It's a new thing that the library has started.  A customer can go online and request a card.  Then they print out a paper copy.  With this they can download books, videos and music onto their computer.  The items can be kept for three weeks and then they disappear.  If the customer wants to take a physical book or video out of the library, they bring the printed card in and choose their items.  Then whoever is on the desk changes the codes so that they can use their card and sends a request to the main branch to produce a physical card and mail it out.  It's kind of cool. But it's confusing to us right now because it is new.  We have a "cheat sheet" that we keep at the front desk.  We read step one, then do it.  Then we read step two and do that and so on.  So far everyone has been very patient as we learn how to do this.  I guess they understand that it's new to everyone.

The boss was very quiet, but OK to me.  I think everything will be back to normal by tomorrow.

And the air conditioning is fixed at work.  Now it is so freezing cold that I wear a sweater all day.  There's just no pleasing me.

Joe's doctor called today and he is having a bad reaction to one of his drugs.  The dosage has been reduced way down and in just a matter of a day he is doing much, much better.

We finished up the book of Daniel at Bible study this morning.  It has been a fantastic study and we all learned so much.  I am taking next week off because it is my sister's birthday and then in August we will be starting the book of Galatians.  I wanted to do something completely different.  It has been difficult studying Daniel.  There was so much in it. Not that there isn't a lot in Galatians, but I think it will be easier than prophecy.

For my photo challenge today the prompt was "red".  Every Valentine's Day Joe buys me one red rose.  It's a tradition with us and always means so much.  Here's the rose from 2013.  I love it and I'm so glad I took a picture of it.

I'm linking up with Katie at Kati's Little Corner of the World for this photo challenge.  Stop by and see all the great photos that have been linked to her.

I'm starting to fall asleep so I have to end.  See you all later.



  1. Cheers for Joe feeling better! AND AC! How fantastic! Glad to hear all was okay with the boss & work. The new card sounds like a great option,especially for those who use it mainly for media. I'm
    old school & like holding a real book and using a pretty bookmark!
    Hope today goes just as well.
    Hugs & rainbows!

  2. Having the AC back at work would mean a lot to me....I couldnt function very well without. So glad to find out what was causing Joe to fall, and have it corrected quickly. The card thing sounds like a great idea and it will soon be 'old hat' to all of you. Love the beautiful red rose. Have a really good Wednesday.

  3. Excellent! An answer already to those pesky troubles. So glad that tour husband is already feeling better. Who does not love a red, red rose?


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