Monday, July 20, 2015


Things went well yesterday.  Joe did not go to church because of his injuries and still being wobbly on his feet.  He cancelled Wednesday Bible Study until September.  I know people will miss it but he's just not up to it.

Our business meeting was quick and to the point.  We accepted Pastor Justin's resignation with much sorrow on both his and our part.  I doubt I will ever again sit under such a wonderful pastor.  But we move forward trusting God to do as He wills with the congregation.

Frank, my gardener, came over to work on the yard last night.  He waited until the sun went down because it went up to 95* yesterday but felt like 107*.  He's going to come over today to finish.  I was out there talking to him and we were getting eaten alive by the mosquitos.  Hopefully it will be better without all the weeds around for them to hide in.

I have a stray momma cat and two kittens living in the back corner of the yard.  They are so cute and I wish I could keep them.  But I know I can't.  I could easily end up being the crazy cat lady. 

I took yesterday off and just relaxed.  It was just too hot to do anything.  I was going to cook dinner, but it was too hot.  So we just had hot dogs, potato salad and ice cream.

I made tropical mango cupcakes for church yesterday and kept a few back for us.  They turned out so good and everyone was grabbing one.  I am getting pretty good at baking cupcakes.  I'm not burning them anymore.  Ha, ha!

Dishes are all caught up and now I'm working on the laundry.  For those of you who commented about me using paper plates -- I already do.  But when I cook, I cook everything from scratch.  So there are always cutting boards, knives, pots and pans, mixing bowls and so on.  I learned when I was having my cancer treatments how much better it is to buy organic fruit and vegetables instead of canned ones.  I try to get free range meat and so forth.  It made a difference in how my blood tests turned out.

I have to end now and get ready for work.  So here is photo challenge number 19.  The prompt is "black and white".  This is a picture of one of the trees outside of the library last spring.  The trunks are black and the flowers white.  It's really beautiful when it's blooming but boy does it ever stink!

I'm leaving work early to take Joe to the doctor's.  It's a new doctor at Pennsylvania Hospital and I'm not sure how to get there, so this will be interesting.

See you all later.



  1. The trees look like Bartlett Pear trees. They are beautiful blooming, but the smell is awful for sure. Happy that Joe is some better and hope the new doctor can shed some light and give the help needed. I am sorry your Pastor resigned, but you know the old saying, 'when God closes a door, He opens a new window'. Will say a prayer that the right person comes your way.

    1. Thank you Linda. I don't know if they are pear trees because they have never had any fruit. But maybe.

  2. Praying for you and Joe.
    That you'll find the office and that Joe finds relief.

    1. Thanks, Christine. It wasn't what I expected and I'll tell you all about it in my next post!

  3. I'm glad Joe is improving. That must have been very worrisome.

    Mango cupcakes sound so good! You were smart to keep some back for later.

    Those trees are very pretty. Bradford Pear trees, right? The do stink!


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