Thursday, July 16, 2015


The latest on the car is that the new part was put in and.... nothing.  Now the mechanic thinks it is something in the dashboard and wants to pull the dashboard out and work on it.  Good luck with that!  Hard to do without a car.  I don't have tons of money to pour into a 9 year old car, so that's the end of that.  I will live with no air conditioning.  At least for awhile.  Walt has one more idea which he is going to talk to a Ford person about tomorrow.  We'll see.

We think we have figured out Joe's problem.  He fell another 3 times today.  He called me at work to come home and help him, but I didn't have the car.  I got the car back in time to come home for dinner.  After he ate he went to take his medicine and we discovered that he had mixed two of them up and was taking the wrong dosage.  You know I fixed that really quickly.  So hopefully in a few days he will be back to normal.

Work is so busy these days.  I just can't keep up with everything.  Job security I guess.

I still have things to do before bed, so I'm going to end.  But first the photo challenge for today.  The prompt is "inside" so I thought I would show you another photo of the library.  It seems to be where I'm "inside" the most these days.  This is our paperback section.  Against the wall is the romances.  On the spinners are popular fiction, science fiction and fantasy.  My office is right behind that wall.

Have a good night everyone!



  1. Aw the a/c and lack there of. Hope you can live without it for awhile and maybe it will be ok on your trip. Or rent a better car to go somewhere could be an option? Great photo of the library. Glad you were able to figure out why your husband is falling so much. Sigh....what would he do without you? My daughter got promoted at the library to library assistant and will start on Monday, working at circulation desk. Other person leaving for school next month. She is happy about that! God bless and will keep praying for you!

    1. Congrats to your daughter! I am a library assistant supervisor so I know just what she does. Hope she likes it as much as I do.

      We are talking about trading in the car for a new one. It is paid off next March and we hope to hold onto it until then. We really don't need another bill, but it's starting to nickle and dime us. Or $5 and $10 us.

  2. Hoping Walt finds the answer to the AC. I agree about not needing another bill. Love the view of paperbacks.So neat! Glad you may have found Joe's answer. I'll be praying.

  3. I love seeing pictures of your library. I hate it that the AC isnt fixed yet, because it is extremely hot these days. Sure glad you discovered what was making Joe fall so much and often. Will pray it will stop now that you have the dose right. God bless you today.

  4. Ohhh...mixing up the meds will do that. I used to take bp med and if I forgot and took another dose...oh my! Sorry that the valve was not the answer to the car problems. Inside looks like a very good place to be...working in a library is fun. I did for two years...loved it.

  5. Kathy, I 'mm so glad you found out what's up with Joe....that's too scary . I had the dashboard taken from my jeep to fix the heater...who in the world designed access, it's ridiculous. It cost 1300 dollars , too much work involved for a repair....that's how they make the money...but it's understandable. A lot of work to make a simple fix. While they had the dashboard out they checked everything they could and fixed pother things that were just hanging like the vent flaps. Good luck..I know what you mean bout fixing cars...when do we say when..Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie


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