Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Yesterday was our annual Christmas Party at work.  Everyone was to bring something along with our Pollyanna gifts.  A Pollyanna is known as a Secret Santa in everywhere except the Philadelphia area.  Don't ask me why because I just don't know.

I had planned to bring my pumpkin dump cake.  It's easy and good.  I put all the ingredients together and then went to get the yellow cake mix to put on top.  I looked EVERYWHERE and couldn't find it.  So I finally grabbed a box of pound cake mix and used that.  After baking it for 45 minutes it was still liquid.  *sigh*  I looked around again and finally found it in a bag of groceries that I had forgotten to unpack.  I quickly threw it on top of the whole mess and tried to bake it, but I couldn't get it done on time.  So I ended up taking over the apple pie that the Vets gave to us on Sunday.

We had quite a spread.

Joe went to work with me.  He got to meet all the new people.

Here is Tom.  He turned out to be my Pollyanna.  I got a gift card to Target and a tin of old fashioned hard candy.

Every year my boss brings his wife's pasta salad.  It's wonderful.

We all just ate and ate all day.

I love our poinsettia decorations.  They were supposed to be hung outside on the street lights, but the park behind us did not get permission from the Streets Department.  We have been holding them for the park, but yesterday decided to display and light them ourselves.

Here's a shot of the whole group of us.  One of the kids in the library used a bunch of our cameras so we all had a copy of this shot.
Liz, me, Bob, Jerry, Clarissa, Tom, Diane B., Jules and Diane R.
No one even touched the apple pie, so I brought it home.  I redid the pumpkin cake and will be taking it in today.  It's a short day and a lot to do after I get out of work.

I'll probably do an update later.  Until then....



  1. Wow! All that food! Looks delicious...The poinsettia look great there. It seems like everyone had a good time. Love the group shot! Such nice people. Merry Christmas!

  2. That is quite the 'spread' of food! lol Looks like everyone had a good time, and am sure, went home with a full stomach. Love the poinsettia. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. Work is so much more fun at Christmastime. I, too, love those poinsettia decorations. They look beautiful in the library. Merry Christmas!

  4. Merry Christmas Kathy!
    Take some time for yourself, you are always giving to others.

    And Happy New Year, too!


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