Saturday, July 7, 2012


I did it.  I went over to Mane Connection today and got my hair cut.  The girl who cut my hair was named Jamie.  She was about 20 years old, very cute and very sweet.  She kept telling me I looked cute.  Come on, I'm 58 years old.  I look good for my age, but I'm not cute.

I told her what I wanted and let her go.   She did a good job, but now that I see it, I think it is a little shorter than I wanted.  But it does feel so good being off of my neck.  And it's really easy to take care of.

Here are my "before" pictures:

The back view is a little blurry because Joe took it and his hands were shaking very badly today, but you get the idea.

Now here are the after pictures:

This is the shortest I have ever had my hair.  It feels wonderful, but I think I want it a little longer -- a little different.  Well, we'll see how I feel when it grows out a little bit.

Joe and I did a lot of running today.  We went to Walmart and Target and had lunch at Chick-fil-A.  We got a lot done so it was a productive day.  I said I wasn't going to leave the house because it went up to 103* today with a heat index of 115*.

While we were out Joe lost his phone.  We have no idea where it fell from his pocket.  So we went to Target a second time, bought him a new phone, and he was able to cancel service on the previous phone and switch over his number and minutes to the new one.

It started to thunder and lightning and the wind picked up while we were in Target the second time.  I thought we would have a bad storm, but got only a few sprinkles.  We really need some rain to break this heat wave.  And my poor yard is in bad shape.  Especially my herbs.  They are all withered up.

Tonight's sunset was extraordinarily beautiful  I took lots of pictures.  Here's a couple before I say goodnight.

I'm really tired so it's bed for me folks.


  1. I LOVE your hair and you ARE cute!!
    You will never go back to long hair again! I was in my early 50's when I made the switch and I have so enjoyed 'NOT having HAIR!'

    That sunset is breathtaking!
    Get some rest......

  2. CUTE!
    I never like my hair after it's cut. But you'll get use to it.

    Your sunset pictures are amazing.

  3. I love the cut on you. It realy flatters your face. You will get use to it and it will be easy to take care of along with being cool for this horrable heat.

  4. First of all, you are too cute! My momma is 55 and she's the cutest darn lady ever :)

    I LOVE the cut. It will be so cool this summer. I think it's a great look for you. Hopefully the longer you wear it the more you will like it!

    Get some rest sweet friend. You are always so busy :)

  5. I love the cut! It is a good style for you. Think of the word 'cute'this way;you are perceived as not being as old as you are.
    The sunsets are incredible! I thank you for sharing them.
    Be sure to relax in between your 'busy'.The heat isn't gone yet...

  6. Aw, Kathy, I love your new haircut. I love how the back is layered! And, I also think you look cute too!


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