Thursday, July 12, 2012


Yesterday afternoon we got a call that the McPherson Square Branch Library needed an LA (Library Assistant) for the day.  Since Diane and Bob had gone the last three times when someone called for help, I figured it was my turn.  First I checked the calendar and made sure we had enough people at Richmond.

The McPherson Square Library (Google image)
My friend Paul is the LA2 at McPherson.  I knew I would have a good day if he was there.  But then again, I thought, he might be the one that was off and that's why they needed someone.

Fortunately Paul was there.  We had a good time catching up since we hadn't seen each other in quite awhile.  The guard, Corey, was there also.  He and I get along so well.  So even though it was a very busy day, it was an enjoyable day as well.

The McPherson Square Library is a beautiful building, both outside and in.  It has columns around the circulation desk that hold up a domed ceiling with a beautiful skylight.
The interior of the library taken from a Google image.
It sits in the middle of a beautiful park.  You would think people would want to go there.  But it is in a very poor neighborhood with lots of crime.  People don't want to walk through the park because there are a lot of drug addicts that hang out there.  The neighbors are making a big effort to clean up the place.  I hope they do.

Neighborhood children helping to clean the park.  The library is in the background.  (Google image)

But as I said it was extremely busy.  My back and legs hurt by the end of the day from running around so much.  I did 12 library cards for them.  Usually I do 5 at most so you can tell how it was.  Lots of kids.  Lots of people asking me questions I couldn't answer because I didn't know where everything was.

So I was really tired when I got home.  I ended up taking a nap before I made dinner.  It was an easy dinner -- pork chops, summer squash with Italian herbs and mashed potatoes.  Joe also had a couple of peaches.  He said they were good.

Another day of work this week and then the busy weekend.  So much on my plate this week.  But only 17 days till my Sisters' Week vacation.  I'm going to need a vacation by then.


  1. That is a beauiful building. Too bad about the park. A few bad eggs can ruin it for everyone. Hopefully they can get it cleaned up. Too much beauty going to waste.

    Glad you had an enjoyable day even if it was a busy one. Definitely glad you worked in a nap! I think your dinner sounds yummy. An easy dinner around here is cold cuts LOL.

    17 days Woo Hoo!!!! Enjoy your weekend friend and try to get some rest :)

  2. That is a very pretty building. I love big, old building like that. I prefer them over new buildings because they have so much charm. We have a few old buildings for libraries here as well, and I love them! That's awesome that you had a good day. It's great to see friends that you don't normally get to see, and also it makes for great days at work!


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