Tuesday, November 29, 2022


 Hello, friends!  Do you feel as if time is just flying by?  I sure do.  There aren't enough hours in the day to do all I need to do.

Today was Bible Study.  I started a four week study in the first two chapters of Matthew.  I used to think the genealogy in chapter one was so boring and I would skip over it.  Now I find it amazing.  I got into genealogy research with my own family and that has made me look at this list in a different way.  Some of the ladies told me that it was a very good lesson.  But another one thought it was boring.  Well, to each their own.

After Bible Study I swung by my house and picked up Joe.  We went to Target to get Joe's medicine and to get some groceries.  My knees were hurting me so much.  I find it extremely difficult to walk anymore, even holding onto the cart.  So I ended up sitting on a bench in the pharmacy area and Joe went to do the grocery shopping.  Usually I sit in the car in the parking lot waiting for him.  But the last time I did that, there were three men who surrounded my car.  I was very scared and was so thankful to see Joe approaching.  When they saw him, they left.  Now I go into the store with him.

There were only five things on the list, but he came back with a cart load of items.  That's Joe for you.  He got me three boxes of refrigerated sugar cookie dough in all sorts of holiday patterns.  That is going to be fun to make.  He also got chocolate chips and said he is going to make me cookies.

Joe tells a story about when he was a baker in the Marine Corps.  He made 3,000 chocolate chip cookies for the dessert at lunch.  He was a night baker, so he got off at 9:00 a.m. and went to bed.  About 11:00 a.m. he was woken up and asked why he didn't make the cookies.  He said he did.  He had spent hours the night before making them.  They were gone.  The morning bakers had come in and eaten them all.  So Joe had to get up and bake another 3,000 cookies.  He has not made a lot of chocolate chip cookies since then.  But he said he will make them for me.

I did stop in the Dollar Spot which is right inside of the front door of Target.  I got a couple of Christmas dish towels and a little gnome tree ornament.  I also got a couple of things for my sister's stocking.

Just one more day of November.  It hardly seems possible that 2022 is almost over.  Every year I say how fast time goes and every year it is true!

Today is my little great-grandson Walker's first birthday.  It hardly seems possible.  He is my grandson Colby's little boy.  And that hardly seems possible either because I think of Colby as a little boy himself.  But just look at how cute Walker is.  Every picture I see of him, he is smiling.

The sun has set.  It sets around 4:30 p.m. these days.  I am going to go get dinner started.  I'm having left over pork loin and a new carrot recipe that one of the ladies at Bible Study today told me about.  She said she cooks carrots in butter and lemon juice.  She was raving about it and it sounded good so I thought I would try it.  I have two carrots that need to be used up soon!

I will see you all later.  Hope you have a good night.



  1. Oh gosh, the days are indeed flying by at a dizzying speed! One of the truest things someone told us at my high school graduation was that while we had thought the last 18 years had drug by, we'd find that from that point on it would move faster and faster. I bet the Bible study is great. I loved learning about Jesus' genealogy...it is just fascinating and amazing how God lined everything up through the centuries and the stories of redemption that are told along the way. Walker is a cutie patootie! Love those chubby red cheeks!

  2. Hi Kathy. Yes, time is going quickly. The older we get, the faster time flies. Your great grandson is sure a cutie. I think Jesus' genealogy is quite fascinating. It shows us that he was in very reality, the King of the Jews. I didn't know that Joe had been a cook in the Marine Corp. Interesting story about him baking all those cookies. I don't blame you for going into the store with Joe. I would not like my car to be surrounded by shady characters either. I am glad you are posting more. It is always fun to hear about your days. See you again soon!

  3. Walker is adorable! Sorry to hear you're in so much pain. Do not
    stay in your car alone! So many things are on the news lately. Just please be very careful.
    The chair & pillows at the end look so comfy.....
    Have a pawsitive day!

  4. Joe's story about the chocolate chip cookies 🍪 was wild! The nerve of those morning shift bakers!

    Your little great-grandson is darling. Christmas is always a little more special with Littles in the family.

  5. What a lovely post Kathy....a delightful outing for Christmas goodies! Hope your knee feels better...helps to elevate your legs when resting. I must try the carrots...sounds delish! Here we go to December...amazing isn't it?

  6. Louis Dean was a baker in the army too! One story he tells is a Thanksgiving - or Christmas - I forget which one - everyone got drunk but him and he was the only one in the kitchen to prepare the holiday meal for everyone! Your Joe loves you!!

  7. Scary about your car being surrounded. I often wait in the car for my hubby if he is only going in the store for a few items. I never thought of anything scary happening ... but I know I should be more aware. At the last ladies retreat I went to, they had a workshop on that very topic.

    Yes, the genealogies of Jesus -- both the one in Matthew 1 and the one in Luke 3 -- are so interesting.

    Loved your hubby's chocolate chip cookie story!


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