Monday, November 28, 2022


 Hello, friends.  Do you ever have one of those days?  How about one of those weeks.  Or months.  Or...

I'm just frustrated.  It's about 5 a.m. right now.  I woke up around 2 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep so I decided to work on my church's YouTube channel.  I volunteered to do this.  I have been posting things for about 6 years now.  At first, I was pretty bad at it.  But now with my own YouTube channel I have gotten better.  Especially when I got an editing program that I can use for both channels.

What woke me up at 2:00 was someone sitting in their car outside blasting music.  And I do mean blasting.  It went on for about an hour.  I've heard of this happening on other streets in the neighborhood and have always considered myself lucky that it wasn't around here.  Well now it is.  I hope this was a one-time thing and that's the end of it.

Anyway, since I was wide awake, I decided to do some catching up.  Although I film the service every week, I have a bad habit of not posting it.  And now I have almost 20 videos I need to edit, find the information on it, and post.  I used to try to keep all the videos in order, but even that has gone by the wayside.  I am finding one video from February that I missed.  Another three from March.  And forget about the fall.

So, I began looking at my two cameras (yes two!) to figure out the dates and then I would go look at the old bulletins and find what the scripture and title of the sermon was.  That took a good 45 minutes to just date them.  And forget about going through hundreds of emails looking for the right week.

Then the program wouldn't work.  And the internet didn't want to cooperate.  Finally, after an hour I got one uploaded and posted.  Hurray!  Now for a second one.  If I do two a day, I can get all the back ones posted by next Monday or Tuesday.  Yes, an entire week.  But then I can start fresh for Advent and the new year.

It took me another hour to upload, edit, find the information and post the second one.  It was beautiful.  And...   I had already posted it a month ago and I had to delete the entire thing.  Aauugghh!

I have found the dates on all but one week.  I have them in chronological order in my holding file.  All I have to do now is find the information on that one post, listen to all of them so I can find out what the scripture and topic is, edit them and post them.

And why do I have all this work to do?  Because I am a procrastinator.  I am trying to get better and maybe this is my wake-up call.  I hope never to be in this position again.

Now to try to get a little more sleep before I have to get up and get Joe out of the house.  He is going out with our Pastor today.  For the whole day.  I'm not used to not having him in the house, so this will be unusual.  But I will try to get a lot done.

See you all later.  And don't procrastinate.



  1. Hi Kathy. I feel your frustration. I hope you can accomplish all you need to and have a good week. Get some rest.

  2. Procrastination is something that afflicts many of us, Kathy, so you are not alone. You do have a big job ahead, and if you split it up and do a few each day that might help you not feel as frustrated. About that car and the person blasting music, my suggestion would have been to call the police and also to try and get the license plate number is possible.

    1. Around here that is a good way to get shot or killed.

    2. That's not good at all about people shooting someone when car person shouldn't be put there in the 1st place being loud. It used to happen by our house by someone who visited a nearby family. Hope you get better sleep. Have a blessed week.

  3. I'm right there with you. I put things off....which is why I now have
    to declutter! Don't be too hard on yourself,we all procrastinate. I agree to take it in small pieces. Might I suggest a small reward afterward? If reading, relax with one chapter. Do a puzzle or...color! Ok mine may be
    with chocolate...or a smoothie! Whatever! A spoonful of sugar as the song says.I'm rooting for you!

  4. I'd have called the police after the first fifteen minutes, there is no excuse for that. Hope you are able to sleep better tonight.

  5. That racket in the night would do me in. I have trouble with neighbors going to work bright and early.

    So sorry about the frustrations and I hope that you get everything straightened around.

  6. I know what you mean about procrastination! Why do we put stuff off?! That video posting sounds like a lot of work. I know you'll get caught up though and I pray in 2023 you're able to stay on top of it!


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