Saturday, August 14, 2021


 Hello, friends.  What a week this has been.  Last time I told you about going to the dentist.  Right after that I started running a fever and had a headache I couldn't get rid of.  Then on Thursday my abdomen began to hurt.  Badly.  Especially on the right side.  I thought I might have appendicitis.  I was supposed to go to the cancer center that day, but called and cancelled.  I ended up going to Urgent Care.  The Emergency Rooms are impossible these days.  Last time I waited over six hours and never got seen.  I left.  They are severely understaffed and the staff are overworked.

There was only one other person in Urgent Care and I was able to get seen right away.  The doctor said I have a bladder infection and gave me some antibiotics.  It doesn't feel like any bladder infection I have ever had.  But she pushed on me really hard and it didn't hurt so she said it would be amazing if it was my appendix since if it were I would be screaming with pain.

Now I have antibiotic capsules to take and antibiotic mouthwash for my tooth to use every day.  What a life!

I had to put the prescriptions into the pharmacy at Shoprite, so we finished up our shopping.  It came to about $100.00.  So that is our food for the month.  We will only get what we run out of for the rest of the month.

Here's what I got.

Joe wanted Danish.  He got lemon and cherry.

My treat was a bag of chips.

We got asparagus, broccoli and two large beefsteak tomatoes.

I got four envelopes of brown gravy mix, air freshener for the bathroom, six croissants, butterhead lettuce and salmon salad.  My sister raves about the salmon salad and I finally found it in my store.  It was wonderful!

We were almost out of veggies.  I got California style vegetables, peas and carrots, cut green beans and whole green and yellow beans with carrots.

I also got french fries, corn on the cob, broccoli florets and broccoli stir fry.  Yes, we like broccoli.  Can you tell there was a sale on frozen vegetables?

It's been so hot (102* on Thursday when we went shopping, 94* today) so the ice cream sale looked good.  Turkey Hill, of course.  I got the Peanut Butter Ripple and Joe got Rocky Road.

I had a coupon for the salad dressing.  We needed Italian (we seem to go through that the fastest since I also cook with it).  We also got Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, some cheese and spinach tortellini, bread crumbs, cheese and bologna.

Stove Top stuffing was on sale.  I got Herbed and for Pork.  It's a nice change from potatoes or pasta.  I also got a box of instant potatoes, a package of honey sausage and a box of mushrooms.

And finally my lactose free cheese, low sodium bacon, a honey ham and some hot dogs.

We found that as a rule the prices were higher than Lidl's, but there were some prices that were lower, and they had a much wider variety of goods.  After talking it over, we have decided to stay at Shoprite and go to Lidl's if we are in the neighborhood and need just a couple of things.  Besides Shoprite is only three blocks from my house.

So, friends, that is what is going on here.  I tried to clean up a bit today, but had to stop because I was just too sick.  I will continue on tomorrow.  I am not going to church tomorrow because I don't think I could sit up through it.  Here at home I can at least lay down when I feel sick.

I will try to be back tomorrow with a Sunday Praise even though I won't be teaching it.  See you then.



  1. Kathy - so sorry to hear you are not feeling well again. It is always so interesting to see your grocery hauls. Rest and take it easy. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. So sorry to hear you are not feeling well. ER's are unreal. Your Trip to Shop Rite made me hungry. I wasn't aware of a salmon salad. I'd be interested in trying it as I like salmon.I also LOVE croissants! I can eat them plain,they are so good! Praying that you rest & feel better soon.

  3. I hope Sunday is a day or rest and recuperation. Feel better soon!

  4. So sorry for the troubles and will pray that the meds kick in soon. The heat must make everything feel just that much worse. Just putter and rest. Rest is good for the body. Puttering is about the extent of my activity these days. I was not made for these hot days in the 90s.

  5. Sending thoughts and prayers for you from the Heartland. Feel better, Sweet Friend! r

  6. I'm so sorry to hear that you are not feeling so good. I do hope the medications get everything back to normal soon. Meanwhile, just take it easy and rest. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

  7. May the good wishes and warm thoughts of those that care about you help you to feel better soon!

  8. May the good wishes and warm thoughts of those that care about you help you to feel better soon!

  9. Sad to know aren't feeling well. I'm doing a bit of shopping for groceries weekly. Our neighbor gave us some green beans from her garden yesterday. I buy my household cleaner from Young Living and it cleans everything. It's concentrated and takes awhile to use. Has no harsh chemicals in it. Good laundry soap as well. I need to ready for church. Slept in. Sore muscles bugged me for awhile. Praying u feel much better soon. Hugs!

  10. Bless you Kathy. Pain is so crippling. I pray you feel better soon and back to your old self. Not 'old' but you know what I mean. Rest up.

  11. I hope you are feeling better today! Take care of yourself my friend!

  12. You are really having a time of it. Hoping and praying you are feeling better today.
    We love Turkey Hill ice cream! Maybe when things are less Covid, we all can visit the museum which is really close to us. It's very interesting!
    Sending hugs your way, my friend 💕


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