Wednesday, August 11, 2021


Hello, friends.  Hope you are having a great day.  

Yesterday I was finally able to get to my own dentist.  I love Dr. Phon and it was so good to see her.  Since the office by my house was still closed, I had to go to the one in Southwest Philly.  Even with just a little traffic and my GPS operated by Joe it took almost 45 minutes to get there.  Philly is a large city and it can take over an hour to drive from end to end.  I got so lost because the GPS told me to turn onto a street even though I was just one block away if I had gone straight.  So I was five minutes late for my appointment.  But it didn't seem to matter since she had an emergency appointment and I had to sit in the waiting room for an hour.

When I was taken back the tech took the x-rays.  It was the first time I had the machine go around my head.  It was so much easier than a bitewing.  Then she took me to a room to see the dentist.

I was so happy to see her.  It was a little tough treating me because my chart was at the other office.  But she examined my gum, numbed it with topical and cleaned all around my crown.  She said the abscess was all cleaned up.  Then she took a look at the x-ray.  It seems my root canal has gone bad.  I have to go see an endodontist who has to do some minor (?) surgery to see if he can repair it.  Since I have seen an endodontist in the past, she is sending me back there.  She wanted me to go closer to home which I really appreciated!  So that is a call I have to make today to set up an appointment.  I still may lose the tooth, but let's give it a shot of keeping it.  If this keeps up I will need dentures soon.

After we finally left the dentist we got lost going home.  How can we get lost with a GPS you ask?  The machine says turn here, but I'm in the wrong lane to turn.  Or I don't hear it in time.  Or there's construction and I can't.  So I ended up going several blocks past where I should have been.  But it wasn't that hard to get back.  Much easier to go home than to get there.

We were both hungry so we ended up going to East Coast Wings and Grill for lunch.  After a year of not being able to, it is so nice to go to a restaurant again.  Our favorite waiter, Bobbie, was there.  But he wasn't our waiter.  We did get a chance to talk to him though.

Joe got unsweetened iced tea and I got mango tea.  It's also unsweetened, but the mango makes it so that I don't need any sweetening.  For our food we both went to the lunch specials.  Joe got a cheeseburger and fries.  I got bone-in wings with smoky barbecue sauce and sweet potato waffle fries.

We needed to get some groceries so after we ate we headed to the store.  We have both been wanting to try the new LIDL store so this was our chance.  We knew you had to bring your own bags, so we grabbed some totes out of the trunk of the car, took a cart, and headed inside.  We had no idea what to expect.

It was a small store which surprised me.  There was a lot of fruit and we got some.  Not so much veggies.  They had everything, but not a lot of choice in things.  For instance there were a lot of different breads, but they were all white bread.  There was tons of beef but it was either a steak or ground beef.  We did get some things we needed though I will have to go to Shoprite tomorrow to finish up.  Here's what we got.

A bag of mini pretzels, milk, unsweetened iced tea for Joe, sweet tea for me.  I saw this duster and decided to get it.  I don't have one and with Jack the cat things get dusty around here.

I got some salmon at a very good price.  The only other fish they had was tilapia.  But I'm not fond of tilapia even though I eat it.  The only other seafood they had was shellfish which I don't eat at all!  There was a big selection of chicken though and I got breast and thighs.  Joe needed lunch meat so got the honey ham.  I didn't look, but he said there wasn't much of a choice there.

I needed a lemon for a recipe I'm doing.  Joe wanted bananas and oranges.

Joe saw some apricot mini streusel and got that.  I asked what the discounted bread was and when Joe picked it up, it was a ciabatta.  So I got that.  We were out of bread so we got a loaf of white bread and we had no hot dog rolls so Joe got that.  But we couldn't find the hot dogs.

Finally, we needed eggs so got 18 brown eggs.  I got a box of Krusteaz cinnamon swirl crumb cake mix.  I have the treat at church in two weeks and this will be easy to make.  I don't mind baking in cooler weather, but it's just too hot these days.  I like mayo but Joe likes Miracle Whip.  We were out of it so he got a jar of the store brand.

We still needed bottled water.  There was some there, but the packages were all ripped open.  So after we got back into the car, we headed for Rite Aid.  LIDL also doesn't seem to have a drugstore like part.  At least we didn't see it.  Maybe they do and we just missed it.

Joe got the water and a few other things and then we headed home.  It was a L-O-N-G day.

I have so much to do today.  I need to get a lot of cleaning and yard work done.  I need to toss a lot of things.  And I need to go to drop some things off at the Salvation Army and then go to Shoprite.  Besides finishing up my shopping, I have to drop off a prescription.  So I am going to end and get busy.  Have a wonderful day and I will see you soon.




  1. LIDL sounds like it's not my type of store. I prefer a one stop shop. You & Joe certainly deserved your lunch! Love those sweet potato fries. Be safe & take care in this heat.

  2. What a day! Glad you were able to see your dentist. We have a LIDL store also and I was wondering what they were like. Have a good day and stay cool!

    1. My brother loves them, but they are not for me.

  3. Hi Kathy. So glad you were finally able to see your regular dentist. I hope you can get your dental issues resolved soon. I am glad the next appointment will be closer to your home. Your lunch looked really, really good. Have a good Wednesday!

  4. You are definitely going to be busy. I hope that the tooth can be rescued.

    Too bad that the store has such limited choices. I had to grin over the mayo and Miracle Whip debate. I have that debate with myself. It just depends what is being made how I roll. 😁

    I would be so lost in Philadelphia.

  5. You are definitely busy! Sorry to hear about your tooth. I hope they can sae it. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

  6. Hi Kathy, I don't have any Lidl stores in my state yet but there are quite a few Aldi stores. Aldi and Lidl are similar but I think Lidl tends to be a little larger. I have 4 Aldi stores near me and once you get used to knowing the products they have available, you learn to shop there first before heading to a regular grocery store as you do save quite a bit of money.

    1. I don't have the time to shop in two stores. And I found the prices higher. But lots of my friends feel as you do.

  7. I'm drooling over that cheeseburger! I'm a burger kind of gal! I'm glad you had your visit with the Dentist but I'm sorry about that root canal. I just had one redone but it wasn't too bad. I started going to a new dentist and I really like him. He's super nice and gentle. Good shopping! We usually go to Aldi and then across the street to Walmart for stuff we can't get at Aldi. It's our usual Saturday trip. I'm in Chicago helping my sister this weekend so Jack had to go it alone and I'm sure bought lots of weird stuff without me there! Ha! Have a good weekend!


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