Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Such beautiful weather we have been having.  I am enjoying the 70s and 80s but those 90s are brutal.  The other day it was 99*F in the car when I got in.  So I was able to go out to my garden and take some pictures for you.  I have a lot of weeding to do but I am holding off on that for now because I once again threw out my back.  It is always the busiest weeks that this happens.  It is much better now but I am doing everything possible to make sure it continues to heal.

These pictures are from a week ago so things have already changed.

I finally remembered to photograph the pot of pansies I planted.

And here are some tulips.

The hosta is looking wonderful.

I saw my first rose last night.  I will get a shot of that soon too  Here's a beautiful sunset to end the day.

I am so loving our Spring.  No more snow!



  1. Loving your garden, and so thankful the snow is behind you and spring has 'sprung'!

  2. I'm enjoying spring. I'm glad it's warmer as well. I finally have my plants bought and planted. Hope your back gets better soon! Blessings!

  3. Amen! No more snow... Take care of yourself. Bad backs...ugh.

  4. The flowers and plants are beautiful. Pansies always make me smile!!

  5. I always enjoy seeing your garden photos.Such colors! Sorry to hear about your back :( Hope it eases soon.Spring is to be enjoyed!

  6. Your plants are beautiful. I planted a pot of pansies too. They are so beautiful. Sorry to hear about your back. Do take care of yourself. Tis Spring and you want to enjoy it. Happy Birthday to Joe. I hope his special day is awesome. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  7. I'm loving spring too! It's so true, things change so quickly. Our tulips are gone but now there's azaleas and dogwoods. Such a beautiful time of the year! Enjoy these 70 degree days!


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